Moment Lense: Professional Photos With Your Iphone 6

Almost a year ago, the company named moment has presented a smart mobile lens to improve the Smartphone photos on kickstarter.

The moment lense is simply attached to the lens of the Smartphone, called the moment app and already the Smartphone turns into a professional camera. Of course, is a mobile and small lens like the lense moment somewhere limited, yet has the moment whole work team and developed an excellent mini lens to create professional photos for smartphones. A year later team arises the moment the moment again cover the Crowdfunding community, this time with a supplement to the moment lense, namely. The case works perfectly with the lens together and promises of useful features and a high level of robustness for outdoor photo enthusiasts. Read more at the new moment case for professional photos with the iPhone 6 and you see in this post with us on future trends.

Moment Lense-Professional Photos With Your Iphone 6

The moment developers have done a good job if you photo-quality moment lense for smartphones to check out the Kickstarter page. There are convincing results and so it is not remarkable that the voices in the community lens for professional photos were loud after an extension of the Mobile Smartphone. The team has looked after in recent months, in addition to the production and distribution of momentum lense for smartphones to the extention, namely a new cover with additional photo functions, for this reason. The result is the moment case and this convinces lense itself just like the moment, one at first glance, perfect quality.

The moment lense in close up view.

Torque case-the perfect complement to the lens

For us that is the ultimate companion for photo enthusiasts moment lense, as well as the moment case on the way. The case adds the lens due to several useful features, including the shutter release button. This reacts like a trigger one DSRL camera with two levels. One to focus and one to raise. In addition, developers have the shutter with the display app combines functions of the iPhone 6 at the gradchem so this photograph is still intuitive goes of the hand. Least materialsuse, feels good in the hand, slip-resistant and robust at the same time. Perfect for outdoor. As always, you can and you can get of course your own picture of the new gadget. Our opinion: For smartphones like the iPhone 6 is definitely a great invention and less than 100 euro for lens and the case together for a good price. Who would like to learn more about the moment lense and the new moment case or want to back them up, can later watch the video like or visit the Kickstarter page from moment.