Mom Jeans Fashion Trend

How about your mom jeans get? The mom jeans is an absolute trend in 2017 and combines style with sophistication

You know those fashion trends as soon as you hit the eye falls? The mom jeans (or “mom jeans”) was like that for me! This model of jeans has been fashion years ago and now he’s back with everything. So, if you were fortunate enough to keep your for a few years just in case, now is the time to rescue it from the closet.

The mom jeans was striking trend there in the 90 and you have 1000 reasons to make it a part of your current style. Besides being beautiful and super stylish, she appreciates the comfort and high-waisted trademark not your hips, or leaves the body flat.

Talking about waist high, this is the best way to be sure if the pants to prove in the store is a mom jeans: stay vigilant if the mom pants have a waist high (on call even waist), your legs more loose and the length in line with ankles, without cover the feet. Noted?

Using the mom jeans without error
The “mom jeans” can be used at any time of day, by women of the most different styles. You want proof? Take a look at these three ways to wear mom jeans.

With sneakers
Unite style and comfort, to use the mom jeans with sneakers, all you need is to combine the pants with a basic t-shirt and, why not, even more dry and always (always!) remember to turn the bar a few times and let a little of the ankles. There, just leave the pair “+ jeans sneaker” reign absolute, with sneakers, black and white until colored. Looks great!

With high heels
If you’re not a fan of tennis, work in high heels without fear! And here, it’s worth any model: the most delicate, thin, mediumheel, pumps, no matter the color, or style. Everything will depend on your style. In this case, you don’t have to worry about folding the bar, just be sure to knock a shirt more booby and accessories well, ok? How about a maxi necklace? Combines very!

With oxfords, sneakers and boots
If you do the rocker style or have died of love by the darlings of the moment – the oxfords -can combine them at will, but then come back with the double bar, ok? Kendall Jenner is a celebrity who is a fan of the style. Spy!

Linda trend, huh? I was drooling!

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