Men’s Casual Wear

Look Casual Navy

In today’s post, we introduce you to Blas. For him we have selected  casual men’s clothing.

Let’s see tips to look perfect in any event. We are already finishing the summer vacation and reunion events come with classmates and work.

It’s time to dazzle.

In this case, we have chosen a white shirt, to show off the brunette that we have been able to catch up to date.

I recommend it because:

The shirts are perfect to look type, they adapt perfectly to any type of body.

It is important to leave it on the outside.Besides giving us a more casual touch, it will make us more comfortable.

I hope you like the pictures of the shirt at Stunnerdresses.

We passed the pants. We have chosen a color earth to contrast it with white, taking advantage of the fashionable colors of summer.

To look taller, high-waisted pants are perfect as they will lengthen the leg.

Finally let’s not forget the star garment of events, the men’s blazer. A navy blue is a basic that you should all have.

We recommend it because:

The navy blue triumph in any event, for being discreet and elegant at the same time.

If you want to give a more modern touch, depending on the event, you can roll the sleeves, giving a casual look.

You can have it in any color, however, the marine touch, is the latest, and if you want to impress more, encourage and join the fashion navy.