Mctrek Product Review | Mammoth Comfort Low GTX Surround Hiking Boot

Our McTREK employees and product testers Frank Walter has for you the comfort low GTX hiking boot by mammoth tested. Learn all about the benefits and the range of this hiking boots with the innovative Gore Surround technology for more breathability…

Mammoth comfort low GTX surround shoe in the McTREK product review

Already started with the shoe the soft shock absorbing sole stands out, especially in the forefoot. This strongly reminiscent of the running or walking feeling when wearing high-quality running shoes.

Also during the prolonged walks at a brisk pace, this feeling is still maintained after more than two hours in a positive sense. The sole rolls well and is flexible enough to cover the shoe for walking or Nordic walking in the front of the foot. Anyway, the whole performance of the shoe rather reminds me of a trail runners, as on a hiking boot! For pre-or midfoot runners with neutral feet I would recommend him to the trail.

Breathability and air comfort

The Climate comfort is on very high level! For a waterproof shoe is almost sensational! With the surround technology seems to have Gore footwear in terms of climate comfort a quantum leap. Interestingly, there were already a year ago by Sympatex, which a similar approach but found far little attention.

Fit and traction

The shoe is suitable to the soft sole is also rather soft and offers a good grip in the middle pane. The heel fit is very good, while the front of the foot is more cut. This underlines the suitability as trail runnersmy opinion! The outsole offers an excellent grip, this even if the ground is slightly damp and slippery.

Sole construction

Since the outsole is solid as the intermediate sole, is one with the comfort pumps by mammoth also on those routes well rebuke, which easily are interspersed with stones. Too blocked and it should be but not Rocky, the shoe is simply too soft! For this, the comfort on asphalt and well-developed forest roads is better!


A very lightweight, very soft steamed all-rounder with very good climate comfort. Suitable for walking/Nordic walking, Speedhiking or even moderate hikes in moderately rough terrain. Also for short trail running round like created.

For more information

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