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Marmot Pinnacle Sleeping Bag


The Pinnacle is a sleeping bag comfortable and well-designed, in the comfort and convenience of-3 limit temperature range /-9 ° C (tested according to thestandard EN 13537).
Lined with nearly 600g very good goose down loft (800 + cuin, according to the standard IDFB-see our article on down), it is part of sleeping bags estimated rather warmer than displays the standard (relative to the average of the bags tested). The results of our experimental protocol, published in No. 33 CA give more information about it.

We love her hood, of enveloping and generously stocked.Adjustment is easy, and the sausage that goes all around the face allows optimal, even comfort when the hood is adjusted to the level of the eyes.

The insulation of the zip is also good, with a flap high enough for effective insulation (higher than a lot of other of reasonable comparison, good sleeping bags that thin).
The collar is very broad but rather little dressed. Its closure by double pressure and its adjustment are effective, but the DrawString is not as comfortable as for the hood.
The footbox is also well built, and generously stocked.

The finish is good, despite a zip that gets stuck easily. The zip zipper will not fall in the face, if you position it correctly in the small cover in fabric at the top of the zip. The clamp hood/Chin cords are differentiated, which is quite practical.
Finally, a (very) small pocket is cleverly placed on the top of the flap of zip, it will allow the storage warm of a not too big phone…

The Pinnacle is a bag very interesting in the wide range Marmot, contained a weight and price.

Weight measured (single sleeping bag): 1103g (size Reg / 183cm)
Recommended public price: €400

What we like

  • Very good quality goose down (800 + cuin, according to the standard IDFB loft)
  • Very good warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Hood very comfortable and well adjustable, well-stocked, and with a flange all around the adjustment cord
  • Insulation of very high, well covering zip flap
  • Anatomical Footbox, well built, and generously furnished, very good insulation
  • Construction in narrow compartments (2 x 15 parallel strips) for the good performance of the down (total: 40 compartments)
  • Protection at the top of the zip zipper not fall in the face (to still take the trouble to position it correctly)
  • Settings hood and Chin differentiated.
  • Practical mini-Poche at the top of the insulating flap of the zip
  • Respect for the ethical standards for the production of the down

What we do not like

  • Zip flap and collar, a good size, deserve a little more trim.Migrates down pretty easily in it.
  • We would have liked a more comfortable collar setting to complete the general comfort otherwise excellent.Two snap of the collar buttons are not very easy to close.
  • The zip gets stuck easily

Notes on the range Marmot

In our test range, Marmot also offers (features and recommended public prices given for size M):

  • Helium filled with 553g of down (cuin + 850), and given to 981g and-2 /-9 ° C of temperature comfort/limit, for €450 (option ‘MemBrain’ for waterproofness)
  • Lithium, trimmed down 794 g (cuin + 850), and given to 1255g and-8 /-14 ° C of temperature comfort/limit for 520 (“MemBrain” option for waterproofness)
  • Plasma 0, topped with 750g of down (900 + cuin), and given to 1126g and- 16 ° C temperature limit of comfort, for 650

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