Make Comfortable On The Campsite

On the campsite we simplify always us. If you are an experienced camper, you have certainly many changes at camping do learn. In the past we drove mostly with five people on vacation with a travelling caravan, which was actually for three people. Today, the reverse is the case. Also, we see that the establishment of the Caravan is always luxurious. Air conditioning, TV with satellite dish, solar panels, anything is possible. This kind of products make the stay at the camping site more enjoyable, although this may will compete in a tent camper. In the last few years are always more convenient articles’ designed for the camping market. We explain some of them.

Make camping easy with an inflatable tent

At first glance, an inflatable tent looks like a normal tent, but the big difference with this type of tent is that an inflatable tent contains no rods. An inflatable tent has air hoses instead of rods of fiberglass, aluminum or steel. The majority of the inflatable tents are equipped with separate air hoses. Some have air hoses are all connected with each other. Attach the supplied pump onto the valve and is your tent in no time! You need to hook up only the tent and set up according to your own choice and voilà, your holiday can begin! Because inflatable tents are really a trend, we have already dedicated a blog post these tents.

Advantages and disadvantages of inflatable tent:

+ quickly build

+ easy to install

+ Weight

+ Stability

-Pack size

I even give you an example: A large inflatable tunnel tent for 6 people set up within about 15 minutes. That’s less than half of the development time of a ‘normal’ tent in the average. This is well deserved time! And gain even more time if you during your vacation on different campsites stays and therefore your tent more often on – and remove. Also, the construction is very simple: secure the pump to the valve and that’s it. An inflatable tent contains no linkage and weighs less than a tent with poles. Your body appreciates it too. Another great advantage is the stability. Air hoses move in contrast to “normal” poles with the wind, which means that the air tubing is less burdened. As a result, the tent has grown better hard wind. If you want to travel to ‘small’, a disadvantage can be it that the pack size of inflatable tent is slightly larger, mainly because the pump in the canvas is rolled. In our assortment you will find inflatable tents of the brands of Outwell, VANGO, and of course models of our Obelink brand, tents for 4 to 8 persons. We have also several lightweight inflatable tents, motorhome awnings and a bus awning on sale. You also have the choice of tents in different materials such as polyester/cotton and cotton and in different price categories.

In the blink of an eye your caravan on the desired position

You have probably ever seen it or experienced. Stands many times backwards, correct, careful with trees to your caravan in the right place. Now, you run the drop of sweat from the forehead and your face is red. Not straight a pleasant start of your holiday or? To avoid such situations, the Wohnwangenmover was developed. Hereby, you put your caravans without clamp itself to the desired position. A Mover (or a manoeuvring aid) is equipped with two electric motors. This can turn separately from each other on the wheels of the Wohwangens. You operate the mover with a remote control. The rollers are turned against the wheels, manoeuvre your caravan exactly to the desired position.

The advantages and disadvantages of movers:

+ Easy to manoeuvre your caravan

+ Only one person needed

+ Less damaged

+ Reverse is no longer necessary


If you even have a mover and this has been installed, then the pushing and pulling with the Caravan is past. Even better, Make the caravan effortlessly all alone to the desired position. Because pace make or apply extra force when pressing the caravan no longer needed will reduce the risk of damage. Also moving a caravan on the campsite is very easy with a mover. Very pleasant is the fact that reversing not more is needed! The downside of movers is the weight, because with a mover, your caravan is heavy. By the way, more reading about mover in an earlier blog post of mine.

Wonderful sleep on a self inflatable mattress

A self-inflating mattress, even self-inflating called, fills up, as soon as you roll it out with air. The fuss with a pump, where one – in any case, it happens to me always – is over the appropriate mouthpiece has lost. A self-inflating mattress contains foam that provides insulation at the same time. Self-inflating mattresses are available in different thicknesses, lengths and widths. A thinner mat is less comfortable than a thick mat, but against it even more compact.

Advantages and disadvantages of an inflatable mattress:

+ Comfort

+ Isolated well

+ Compact

+ User friendly

+ Easy (compared to an air mattress)

+ No pump needed

-Can get a leak

You are beautiful on a self inflatable mattress. Find comfort very important? Then select a thicker mat. Would you like to compact travel, you then opt for a thinner model. An additional advantage, if you want to compact travel, is that you need no pump. A self-inflating mattress isolated just fine through the foam core. Also easily apply the mattress, as you roll it out makes us even work. The price tag of a self inflatable mattress shows a slightly higher price than the price card of an air mattress or foam mat. Also, the mattress may have a leak. But I think that gaining the comfort and isolation.

This is only a small selection from our range of ‘convenient ‘articles. Which product makes the stay at the camping site easier?