Looks a Beautiful (And Instant) Tan Thanks to The New Range of Benefit

Benefit He knows that when it comes time to take shelter, our skin color tends to be closer for the white-almost-transparent than ever before. Thinking that has decided to launch a whole range around ‘Hoola’, his famous compact broncer. Already no need to soak up the Sun to show off a perfect Tan!.

This product has more than 15 years in the market and It is one of the best-selling brand thanks to its beautiful finish, so it is possible that updates (a Tanner for the face, one for the body and a brush), will follow the same path.

Tanning liquid Dew face the hoola

This liquid bronzer provides a glow effect but lackluster, according to health-beauty-guides. It promises a light and moisturizing texture that melts into the skin (according to the brand, fits any tone), matte finish and an addictive scent. Its price is of 29 euros.

Hoola Zero haired

This Instant tanning lotion for the body It promises to become the new ‘must’ in the summer. It contains an applicator that smoothly glides through the skin and also prevents having that stain us your hands… also promises to be non-sticky and not transferred to the clothes. Its price is of 35 euros.

Brush hoola bronzing & contouring

This brush is designed in the form of ‘dome’ to apply the bronzing powders for whole face or simply for outlining. Is made of synthetic fibres in theory you are ultra-soft and resistant. Its price is of 23 euros.

Sunscreen for the body that most strikes me is because I find it super practical, especially for those who avoid the Sun but we like the color that leaves the skin. I promise to tell you my experience if I finally try it.

Do you like these new releases?. Do you want to use such products in spring and summer?