Look at That Candy. Hunting Bargains 27 Android

Friday before Easter. Eve of Saturday for many, small holidays and festivals for few others. But also, Friday’s Hunting bargains Android EQUIS equis Vee stick stick, and these nazarenes come religiously charged.

  • The Galaxy S6 It is not yet on sale, will have to wait until April 10 to do so. Meanwhile, if we make the reservation on the website of Samsung until this day, we carry gift wireless charger. Also in Carrefour or The Corte Inglés have this promotion.
  • Friday’s Super Sale on Rakuten. 10% direct discount code RAK10SUPERSALE until the 30th day and up to a 25% return in the form of Super points on selected products to 9:59 Saturday morning. In addition, $ 5 more if you pay via PayPal.
    • Bq Aquaris E5 4G 167 euros in its 8GB, 177 euros in 16GB version.
    • Nexus 6 only 539 euros, white.
    • Xperia Z3 Compact, a small with a very large interior and real drums in two days – and now also with Lollipop – by only 382 euros.
    • The Galaxy S6 not calling you as much as its price? No problem. You can take the S5 Galaxy by the half, 360 euros. Looking for something bigger and better? The Note 4 with its 32GB 531 EUR.
    • There is no way, are very expensive? The LG G2 Super is preserved after a year and a half. Get the 16 GB by 256 euros, or 32 GB for 292 euros.
    • Round tablets of medium format. Z3 Tablet Compact, 8-inch, 341 euros. Nexus 9 16GB white for 354 euros. Galaxy Tab 8.4 S 16 GB at 314 euros, in white and black.
  • Humble Bundle, that challenge to see games at the price as your want and try to not throw money to the screen. In this issue we see a Pc & Android, which means that you get copies for both platforms, no DRM.
  • Looking for headphones good, than Bluetooth and very comfortable to wear, but you don’t care so much that they are beautiful? Amazon Germany have the LG Tone Infinitum 59 euros, down its price tag of 150.
  • If you were still deciding to buy the Sony Smartwatch 3, I bring you reasons. Low price on Amazon, to 180 euros and with free shipping if you are Premium.

You now, what have you found? Teach us the bargains that you have found your, right in the comments. You can always check our track record of bargains, perhaps there is some still interesting. Also remember that if you use Pushbullet, you can subscribe to our channel of hunting bargains Android to be the first to know. See you next week!