Lipsticks & Bling

This post design has long been called “everyday lipstick”. I really wanted to introduce you to my current lips for the everyday, but found the whole thing boring.

Pure lipstick postings are often on my blog, so how can I bring some momentum into the thing? Right, with BLINGBLING! To the lipsticks I would like to show you also my favorite jewelery of the last weeks!

From Yash, I had already raved about you, but I am so enthusiastic about him that I want to show you again! In my opinion, a completely underestimated nuance of MAC. Especially in light, cool skin, it is very hard to find a brownish nude that does not bite with my undertones. Yash does not do it fortunately and is very discreet with its matt finish. A My-Lips-But-Better-Nuance, which I like to wear to eye-catching eye-catchers.

Sorbet was a souvenir from my USA vacation. I really wanted to try the newly formulated Amuse Bouche lipsticks and stood around 20 minutes before the Bite Beauty Counter and could not decide for a color. My choice then fell on sorbet, as it appeared to me as a typical everyday nuance. Not completely nude, but with a good portion of pink-pink!

Pink can sometimes be very girlish and noisy, but sorbet is just nude enough to be an “adult” pink. The lipsticks of Bite Beauty I can absolutely recommend you! Not only texture, wearing comfort and durability are excellent, they also taste delicious! The ingredients of the lipsticks of the US brand have all food quality and can also be eaten theoretically. But they are much too unfortunate

Melon Pop-my favorite coral lipstick for summer! Although Defiant Coral by Estée Lauder also plays at the front, Melon Pop is even more comfortable to wear due to its slightly glossy texture (and I do not have to pay attention to the exact lip contour). The chain with the small silver bar is my favorite piece of jewelry, which I only use for showering and sleeping! Filigree, minimalist and clean-so I love my jewelry.