Lingerie for Every Day

The positive spirit and the energy charge comes of the hand of the spring. The colours and vivid patterns sneak into our closet but what about our most intimate side? We select our whims lingerie season for daily use.


The lingerie is one of the great forgotten. Often relegated to a second dish for its lack of visibility, the power exerted on our figure and above all the result of the garments we wear is not to underestimate it.


lenceria-Women SecretThis is the reason why we have decided to pay attention to underwear . When there is appointment to view and is expected to rise along with the lingerie protagonist becomes how many times we have been in search of a spicy set, have resorted to the lace lace, we have risky with corset and hinted with transparencies?


The interest we pay to our underwear goes down when there is no forecast that sea view mistake!


Lingerie is one of the key points that we should not set aside and is thanks to her and although it may not be very aware of this, it makes us gain security and feel feminine.


In our day to day we must not neglect the lingerie and therefore we want that this spring we become more creative and optimistic. Because we believe in the power of the feminine we aim to conquer our own style with lines and seductive fabrics are ready to break the mold?


One of the premises that we must not forget is that lingerie must adapt to our body. Choosing the right size is the first step. It is important to remember that our undergarments must be commensurate with our outside because even if it is not, it is transmitted.


Having said that, we intend to bring color to the lace, master prints unexpected, incorporate neon tones and above all to embrace the trends of the season to pamper our everyday lingerie.

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