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Lightweight Backpack

Many modern Wanderrucksäcke with their sophisticated support systems adapted to the man “comfortable” 20-can carry 25 kg weight with them on their backs. Some hikers can be seen therefore often wheeze tall hopelessly overloaded backpack Mountain. But I do not want to blaspheme, because atmy first tour I had for 19 kg (!) Here!

The wonderful nature and landscape I could enjoy so only partially, because the jump on the shoulders and under the feet were on 2.nd day already so strong that I could continue only with ibuprofen doping. On this day, I have decided: to haul Never again around a serious backpack with me. For a lightweight backpack offers you many advantages:

  • Your whole body (legs, back, knees, etc.) takes up much less
  • You can long daily stages hike if you want to or cope same route more pleasant
  • A less bulky backpack easier climbing passages you and gives you more stability and security in the movement
  • You can you more on your environment, focus the nature and walking in itself if you do not torture your backpack lasts

What weighs a lightweight Backpack?

To have no problems with a too heavy backpack at a multi-day hiking tour, I would recommend less than 10 kg to stay. Ideally, including water. As the packing lists for such a tour aussiehen, you can look at you in these articles:

  • Packing list for a Hüttentour
  • Packing list for a minimalist Hüttentour
  • Packing List for trekking

Here you can find the other articles to reduce your backpack weight in chronological order:

  • 14 Quick Tips for getting into ultralight trekking
  • 10 professional tips on how your lightweight backpack is even easier

If you want to reduce his backpack weight consciously and consistently, you have to give up anything and can reduce a lot of unnecessary kilograms on his back anyway. The route is the goal. And to make this as pleasant as possible will help the tip:

Get yourself a pair of scales

That to me in retrospect the most important tip. Only when you know exactly what each piece of equipment weighs, you get a feel for what too much weigh and what is not. I was surprised how heavy some parts of my equipment. A conventional kitchen scale  sufficient for this completely. The best one with digital display, because you get the weight displayed directly and precisely.Very useful, it is also the weighted values in an Excel table hold. Thereby you have all values at a glance and can let you direct view your entire backpack weight.

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