Lights Front with Headlamp For Mountain and Ride Bikes

Lights front 2 in 1 headlamp head for mountain or ride bikes, brand RichFire with 3 powerful headlamps. If you like to go out with bike to walk or do sports night  we recommend the best lights for bicycle, headlights and front headlights that you can buy at a good price of sale so that you can enjoy your night routes. This is the lighting for your sports bike you need. An accessory for essential bike for driving at night with the bicycle in city or countryside. These powerful lights are installed on the handlebars of the bike easily via a bracket, but you can also take them on the head as a headlamp. The best feature of these lights is that they are adjustable in angle. Each one of the lighthouses can independently Guide and direct the light in different directions. Very few lights do this! Used 4 rechargeable 18650 batteries but long battery of these lights? Batteries in its low light mode, have a range of about 3-4 hours. They have 4 modes of different lighting, including flashing strobe flash light If you enable the most powerful mode of these lights for bike, you can get a light output with its LED CREE T6 of up to 1200 lumens maximum brightness. I want to buy a bike lights that also I will when you go out to run? Take them in the bike to illuminate the road while you ride and when you go down the bicycle use as a headlamp. Are they resistant to bicycle lights? They are aluminum and they well endure the bumps and potholes, in addition they resist water from rain, mud and snow. You can now buy this bike headlamp at a cheap price with a discount of 25%. Come and see lots of other offers and promotions for all kinds of accessories for cycling that await you in our online store Toughestflashlights. Remember that shipping costs are included in the price to Spain. Lights bicycle headlamp 1200lm Categories: Accessories bike shop