Lighting Tips For Living Room

One of the most important things in a decoration is the lighting and the power it has to create environments with a good distribution, harmony and order.

The spaces with a lot of light bring more warmth and comfort, and if a is natural light is even better.

The sunlight is irreplaceable, the more natural light, the better. For the houses that the Sun barely beats, we can use more points of artificial light.

The first that we have to take into account is how do we take advantage of this environment. If you’re going to have a table for dinner, if you will only use for watching tv, whether it’s going to be a room in the House used only weekend with friends, or whether it will be used daily for you and your family, anyway, all this has to be taken into account.

But to make it easier I’ll split the lighting by zone:

Tv zone

The typical living room with TV consists of a sofa, two armchairs and a tv. In this case the lighting has to be placed as follows: a focus that illuminate every area in the center of the room, well centered with the sofa and two supporting a lamp on each side of the couch, for when you want a lower light, light only those fixtures.

Passing zone, or fireplace

If your room is a little bigger and you have space to have a fireplace or at the entrance of the room has a small hall with paintings hanging or decorative objects, we must enlighten them. For this, there are wall appliques with punctual lighting. They serve to illuminate an object, a frame or a bookshelf.

If you don’t like the weave, no problem, we can illuminate our picture with a targeted focus placed on it.

If your House is small and you want to have a dining area in the same environment is very important to think in lighting.

Dining area

For dinner time lighting is important, I recommend a lamp pendant, elegant as protagonist of the environment. Pendant lamp in addition to decorate a dining room leaves this zone more cozy.

Usually these types of lighting are the most common for a House according to societypically, we can elect something more decorative or minimalist with embedded photos and more hidden in a false ceiling. But the most important thing is to have good lighting for each of these environments.