Light Bulb Led Lm 1055 12W

Consumption: 12W (measured 11W)

Energy rating: A+

Equivalence: 75W

Lumens: 1055 lm

Color: 3000K

Adjustable: No

Power factor: 0.85 measured

Dimensions: 117 x 65 mm

Duration: 25000 hours (12500 ignitions)

Price: €10.90.

Origin: China 

When shopping in LightingHowto I saw this led bulb and I decided to buy it and test it to see the results and publish them for the followers of the blog.

Although this bulb is not as exaggeratedly large as another bulb led 806 lumens (which looks like a balloon) is still quite large and heavy and if you were to put on a wall or ceiling light lamp is possible that very fair. In the next photo is the size that it has compared to the 10W-Osram:

Similar to other bulbs as Ikea, Osram or Philips to dissipate the heat that produces have resorted to a bulb body metallic painted smooth. After half an hour on reaches a significant temperature (of approximately 70 ° C) which makes you burn you hand if you touch it. Surely it would be more efficient to use a heatsink fins that increase the surface of contact with the air and keep the temperature of the lower bulb, but ultimente seems to be that all bulbs use this method.

Regarding the data from the package, clearly indicated in a power 100% at 0 seconds, when in reality it has a slight delay and to turn it on it takes like half a second to give light.

25000 hours duration is superior to other brand led lights indicating 15000 or 20000 hours, but the bad thing is that in this case to mark only 12500 ignition cycles (when other brand lamps indicate 50000 or 100000). Or according to the use that you go to can that less than 25000 hours bastente lasts.

Regarding the light that gives, in the ranking you would enter at the end of the category of 100W bulbs, just behind the incandescent bulb Juspar of 100W and 1100 lumens. It gives enough light to illuminate a medium room but because of the directionality which has led light, the sense of brightness in the room is less than an incandescent or halogen fixtures.

The measurement of consumption has given me 11W instead of 12W putting the wrapper and this lower consumption is surely also the causes of less light than the Osram 13.5W which, in theory, have also 1055 lumens.

In a next post I’ll explain the exact differences with empirical evidence of the difference of light that give different types of light bulbs. But as I already explained, the problem of led bulbs is that they give the greater amount of light where points the bulb, while the rear give less light, by which are suitable to be placed for example in a lamp, but not to put in a ceiling or Wall lamp Wall lamp.

If we introduce the data of the bulb in the calculator, with these usage parameters, gives us a result of savings of about €6 within of the almost 2-year lasting light bulb (leaving some insignificant 0.30 €/ month), because of the small number of cycles are turned on/off.

The bulb should last at least one year in these conditions so that it begins to represent some savings in the consumption of light.

If not we had in mind the number of ignitions, then yes it would give us a period of 25 years and savings in the consumption of light more than €240, but who come to be only €0.80 savings per month.

In conclusion, on the positive side this bulb gives enough light to illuminate a room with an affordable price and as negative side it has a considerable size and a small number of power cycles.