LG Smart Watch WebOS

The tech giant LG is one of the first participants in the electronics segment to wear. The Korean company is already involved in the market of smart watches with two proposals ( the LG Watch, the G in July and LG G Watch R in October), managed by Android Wear Platform at Google. Even LG G Watch is the first smart Powered by Android Wear in the world, overtaking Samsung Gear Live just a few minutes at their presentation at Google I/O in July. Interest in the LG to even greater success in portable electronics (wearables) obviously makes the company considering the use of alternative OS, trying to follow the footsteps of momentary monopoly Samsung, which created its own mobile platform Tizen, to secure partial independence even greater global monopoly Google.

The experience of such a strategy could be that LG will be done by famed operating system a webOS. This is suggested by the host (now hidden) by LG site that was recently discovered by the popular technology portal Verge. The developer section in this site the LG accidentally disclose information about the interest of the LG to use webOS in some of their future models of smart watches. Target page invites developers to be the first to participate and work on the future of webOS smart watches through specialized SDK. After removing the information from the page, LG responded to The Verge, that constantly work on various initiatives, but not all of them receive final realization. Apparently the technology company is not yet ready to reveal their plans about the use of webOS in electronics to wear vintage led watch for sale.

It seems webOS platform is very hard and somehow managed to survive for so many years, and probably will take a new direction, which again will return to “mobile roots.” Long webOS was developed by Palm, and later was purchased (and “tension-Source”) of giant HP, which failed to take advantage of its potential. So webOS passed into the hands of LG, which recently decided to use it in televisions. The world of smart watches will expand and there is still space for new operating systems to be successful.

LG obviously want to follow another strategy of the Samsung , which already offer separate smart watch with SIM module ( the Samsung Gear the S ). Back in May rumors claimed that LG is working on a smart watch with own the SIM (the USIM) module, which enables making phone calls and internet usage data without the need for other connected mobile device. It seems such a product has received an application for certification to the FCC (The Federal Communications Commission). This is seen in the portal of the US Agency for communications, although most of the documentation is hidden due to a request for confidentiality by LG.

The details are not many, but the images show oval (rectangular) device with dimensions of 57.7 to 35.5 mm. The device has a product named LG-VC100, and his description speaks of “smart clock + CDMA”.

The images are from the pages of the LG, and FCC.

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