LG licenses Palm OS for Smartphones

The LG and the PalmSource signed a licensing agreement that provides for the use of the operating system of the American company on their smartphones. The agreement announced by the companies is vague and does not allow to realize what version of the operating system will be used and when the LG will start manufacture of equipment supported by Palm OS.

To the agreement bear fruit it is necessary that operators with whom the LG has distribution agreements have a positive reaction to the possibility of extending your range of smartphones for old people, equipment highly focused on a niche market, and the LG concentrate their efforts in this area in partnership with Palm, the company already has a similar agreement for operating system use Savage software platform used by operators such as Vodafone or Orange.

To advance, the deal would undoubtedly be beneficial for PalmSource that tries to find a way to increase position in the segment of smartphones, devices that have replaced the PDAs, a market that the company he led for years on hardware and software component.

Currently Palm competes with Microsoft and Nokia (Symbian), which holds the largest market share in this segment to the emerging world of business. According to IDC figures, last year 9 million smartphones were sold with Microsoft software throughout the world, ensuring the company of Bill Gates a quota greater than 40%.

Stress that the agreement signed between the companies is worldwide and that LG is currently the fourth global manufacturer of mobile equipment.

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