LG G Watch Reviews

We have had to wait a long time for a really smart watch, but after using LG G Watch, so we realize that it might be best to wait a little while longer.

G Watch is not LG’s first round at smartwatches. Five years ago they released the LG Gd910, who was really smart for his time. A little too smart, because the market had no need of a watch they could call with. It is now, however, other buns. We have been trånat after a smartwatch that facilitates our lives, whether we want to change the song in the music player or read text messages. Sony has managed to make us happy with Smart Watch 2 and Samsunghave had relatively good ideas with Gear-bells. But it was only with Google’s launch of the Android operating system Wear Smart Watches actually became useful.

G Watch is not only LG’s first smart watch with the new Android Wear, but also the first device we Swedes can get their hands on that has the operating system. The last year we have come across smart watches that are running different operating systems. We have seen the watches that run the gamut from the full version of Android to the extremely simplified versions of Android and of course Tizen. Although these watches have functioned reasonably well, it has taken anything. Namely, compatibility with a large variety of applications. But we’re going to the operating system later.

Clumsy construction
The device itself is comparable to Sony Smartwatch 2. In terms of size in all cases. The clock has the dimensions 37.9 x 46.5 x 9.9 mm and weighs 63 grams. The bracelet is made of rubber and is according to us almost a little sickening. It breathes not, which makes it hard to wear for extended periods of time. But fortunately, you can without any troubles using a leather bracelet, or another band that fits. As long as it is a 22 mm strap, so you can use it to Watch. But even if we use a sensible bracelets so we feel that the drive itself is too big and bulky to be comfortable. The thickness of nearly a centimeter makes the clock constantly sticking out or is in an uncomfortable way.

In the relatively large package, however, the LG managed to squeeze in a lot of hardware. Snapdragon 400 with a quad-core processor at 1.2 GHz, 512 MB ram and 4 GB of storage. At the top we find a 1.65 inches large display with resolution 280 x 280 pixels. Then have G Watch a battery at 400 mAh. The clock has performance as a phone in the middle segment. Really not bad! Add to Watch is water and dust proof with rating IP 67.

In short, impressive hardware, and we believe that the clock has performance enough to survive for a good while to come. A problem, however, is battery life. 400 mAh is very little. Especially when a powerful processor sitting and working in the watch. The battery is in a little more than two days if you have ever connected to the phone.

The mobile phone’s best friend
LG G Watch is a clumsy construction. But when we link watch to your phone via bluetooth 4.0 so we forget everything that has to do with design. Try centralledwatch for an LED watch with rubber strap. Android Wear can be summarized best as Google Now in the clock format. With a bunch of extras of course. As soon as we connect your phone to watch so POPs tabs with weather, stocks and calendar events up on the arm. We don’t need to fiddle with some extra settings for things to show up. Are you an enthusiastic chatter so POPs messages you get up on your arm and you can choose to answer them either with voice commands, or by opening them in your phone – or just sweep them for reading later. Would you not get notifications from all apps, you can go into the Android Wear-settings on your phone and choose which apps you don’t want push notifications to G Watch. It’s very smooth and easy.

The interface is simple and clean. You cannot find any buttons on the watch, but everything is controlled with the help of swipes and taps. Watch brought up that you tap on it and then you can slide up and down to see the various tabs. Are you sure you want to remove a card, you just need to swipe from left to right, the alert disappears from both the clock and the cell phone. Swipe in the other direction, you can access additional options. For example, you will get an sms so you can swipe from right to left, click “reply” and speak in a response in the watch. It’s as simple as that. Play music on your phone, you can see what song is playing and you can jump forward and backward in the playlist.

Listen ever
At the bottom of the watch there is a microphone which is activated while the screen. This is to make it easy and convenient to use “Google” command to control your phone. Voice commands that allow you to turn on the alarm clock, send a text message or launch an app works really well.

Android Wear works great. A problem, which is a problem with the whole Google Now, is that you can’t speak Swedish with the clock. Hopefully, we Swedes talk with our mobile phones and watches in the future, but for now, it is English.

We feel a little ambivalent when it comes to G Watch. Love is in the air. But the more we use the watch, the more we realize that love is not directed against G Watch in itself but against Android Wear. The clock is clumsy and awkward, but Android Wear really feels right to have on your arm.
y saying “Google” and “take a note” to the clock so you can quickly bring down various thoughts. The note is saved and sent directly to your e-mail at once.

+ Android Wear
+ Dust-and waterproof
+ Easy to use

-Battery life

Android Wear is a really nice story. Watch G Watch is not as nice. Instead of running to the store and pick up your own G Watch so maybe it is better to wait for LG succeed with design.

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