LED Lighting Bicycle

Unless the bike is already equipped, if this is not the case, this set is an essential product, especially when the days are very short.

There is nothing more visible on the road a bicycle, it is important and vital to be seen by other road users: cars and trucks.

The bike tail lights proposed by HiHiLL consist of a rear quick-fire, a front support and a light torch (which is fixed on this support).

Mini taillight will bind either on the bike or on the case of the cyclist and the second option is better, because the light will be visible from further away. Is super-light, so cyclists will feel no extra weight the helmet his head.

Of course, in the case of a rear light, the light is red, as desired, fixed, fast and slow blink blink. By having it tested, slow flashing is the most visible. The rear light uses 2 button batteries (reference 2032), they are provided with the product.

For forward lighting, the product consists of 2 elements. A support to attach to the handlebars, which incorporates a rubber jaw, which is tightened with a butterfly screw (so no tooling to provide for attaching the support).
In this support that slides forward lighting, which is also a flashlight (powerful enough, on which you can adjust the light beam). The torch runs on 3 AAA batteries which are not supplied or a battery (but in the case of using with 3 batteries, there is an adapter ring to remove, take a few minutes to check so before believe that the rock or the batteries do not work).

We’re having a front light, with a more or less wide beam and that can serve as flashlight (fixing screw on the support a butterfly, you can put and remove the flashlight in a moment).

The power forward lighting is sufficient to see the road, but the torch has not the power of a car headlight, for against it allows the cycle to be seen from other road users face.

A lighting assembly, front and back, very simple to implement and crucial to the safety of cyclists being seen from a distance (by the white and red lights) and better see the road by lighting. And in addition, the headlight is a great torch to use independent cycling.

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