LED Light Bulb Models

In I decide Prices found numerous models of light bulbs, but most importantly, you can find those Led, now required by law, but are useful for saving, more important than ever at a time of crisis like the one we are experiencing at present! Save money and protect the environment. If these two things can coexist, how cool is that?

Some examples of what you’ll find in I decide Prices? For example, but 36 bulb LED, like E27 bulbs, white light. Costa 6.90, but you have a electric cost up to 80% compared to a normal bulb and up to 50% compared to an energy-saving light bulb.

There are also bulbs, catalog, Lumen. A light bulb from 48 LEDs is priced on Wholesaleably at 12.99 Euros and a guarantee of 5 years!

Even the globe Home lights can be led and cost, roughly, 9.79 euros! Don’t be scared by the higher prices than regular bulbs. The saving will be on your Bill!

In I decide Prices you may find even the most singular shapes, Italian bulbs, guaranteed, starting from 12.90 euro!

And if you want to adjust the brightness of your led bulbs, plus savings on your electric bill, you can just buy 13 euros a switch that allows you to determine the levels of light according to your activity!

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