LED Garden Lights: Charming Storybook Romance For Your Garden

Finally summer! On the 21 June is astronomicalbeginning of summer u nd also meteorologically expected us June, July and August the warmest days of the year. There, the Gardenwill be the extended living room. Because there is nothing better, as a sociable barbecue on the terrace or a shady spot on a hot Sunday afternoon. Who really wants to enjoy his free time in the garden, for it is now at the latest at the time to make a few arrangements. How great use your garden with light scene, we tell you in this article.

LED Garden Lights: Charming Storybook Romance For Your Garden

That nice – beautiful can be practically and Praktisches there’s no better example than LED garden lighting. At night, when the garden and exterior surfaces in the dark, providing orientation and the garden remains usable even in the evening. A spot on the pond, a led in the flowerbed or LED lights in the branches of the cherry tree-and your garden shines in a unique fairy magic.

As in many States but also in garden lighting “less is more”. Therefore rather confined to a beautiful seat lighting, illuminated way and the one or other accent lighting. Just don’t overdo it, because otherwise soon have an oasis of the distance instead of a magical fairy garden. How to do it correctly, we here show.

So You Are Not Sitting In The Dark: LED Garden Lights For Your Favourite Place

Who sits in the evening like longer outside or grilling with friends and family, can create atmospheric light Islands with small lights around the seat. Lanterns, the seat space spiral lights or solar LEDsare very suitable. The latter are simply attached by spike in the lawn and illuminate the garden with a few hours of Sun a day up to 8 hour long regardless of a fixed power supply.

So Your Garden Becomes The Lights Magic Land

You give your garden a fairytale atmosphere by you Spotlight individual plants, as we know from historic monuments. Analog, this works best with a LED lights -floodlights. Beautifully lush bamboo shrubs, ponds or vigorous, free-standing trees Act.

LED Path Lights-And Your Garden Reveals His Depth

First and foremost, Garden lights should of course ensure that one finds his way in the dark safe. So you can see better, they are specially designed so that they shine only downward. This prevents excessive light dark contrasts and glare. At the same time they give the Garden this structure and provide a picture of the actual area.

, By the way: Outdoor lights are not just for the summer. In the winter, they produce a niceAtmosphere of winter, especially in snow. Use only lights that are really out there suitable for.Protection class IP44 they should have been due to the adverse weather conditions which they are exposed – nearby ponds even IP66.

Applies Also For LED Garden Lights: Regular Maintenance Should Be

How fast dirty a LED garden lamp, of course depends on the location. Lights vermoosen in shady places, for example, not fast, on sunny rather. The material also plays a role.Nevertheless, even the most robust garden lamp needs a cleaningfrom time to time. For most materials, water, a soft cloth and a squirt of detergent range. So also the corrosion protection for metals will not be damaged.