LED Downlights as Reading Lights

How often do we have as children of our parents heard the statement: ” Turn on the light ! You are spoiling you otherwise eyes “How unjust – but so was the whole beautiful atmosphere that had just been found between the two covers of a book, back there. So quickly the reading lamp switched on and again engrossed in the pages. But what does a really good reading lamp?

Space, form and design – the outer Benefits

Thus a reading lamp can serve its purpose, it requires some things that should be considered. This includes especially the shape of the lamp and its placement in the room.

How should it be formed?

The most classic version is the floor lamp. This is either a large uplight and a smaller lamp offered on a pivoting neck or with a simple screen which directs the light directly onto the book pages. Of course, can table lamps provide a similar service – best here again with a so-called gooseneck so that the light shines always there where bridgat recessed downlights are really needed.

How and where should they shine?

The light from a reading lamp should always possible from the side of the book seem to make any being dazzled. However, the rest of the room should not completely dark be, because this difference to eye strain. An indirect light along with the occasional light reading lamp is the perfect blend. Accordingly, the lamp should be positioned: Side of the chair or bed is ideal.

The jury is still as to whether the reading space, and thus the light in front of a window should be set up. While daytime natural light can be used and in the evening that helps the reading lamp, in particular in the dusk the illumination often difficult . Register here to be tried, what bothers one and anything goes.

The intrinsic values of the reading lamp

Course side of the mold and the associated look of the lamp, the light source is important. Which lamps is here most likely? And how many lumens it should bring?

LED or halogen?

In fact, nowadays actually own preference set no limit. Both energy-saving lamps , as well as LEDs or just halogen lamps can easily be used for a reading light. The important thing is actually just their brightness . With a value of 730 lumens (equivalent to 60 watts) and a lux level between 300 and 500 lux is located right here in any case.

The age is crucial

The brightness, however, to a certain degree also a personal feelings . We now know that younger eyes much better adapt to and it comes on a relaxed reading not as bright need such as the elderly.

The special case ebook reader

Thanks to the latest technology in recent years quite are small clamping spots possible, which can be mounted anywhere. To use many ebook-bookworms who did not make self-luminous Reader have the clamping spots as reading lights. Again, choosing the perfect reading light is back from the personal preferences depending on: I like rather cool or warm light for reading? Do I use the device with or without a protective case ? Do I use it alone in the room or sleeping my partner already beside me and I could bother him with a lot of light? And of course: What will the spot energized – via batteries or batteries ? It’s worthwhile making a consultation by a skilled person !


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