Leather Satchel Trend

Regardless of age, gender or social status, most of us have or had needed a briefcase or a leather briefcase. From the elegant leather satchel child to school briefcase in the office through the towel student slipped under the arm, it is undoubtedly one of the leather goods among the most used formats and appreciated for his work, his studies (and) or pleasure because, increasingly, the leather satchel as beautiful bag is diverted as city bag by an amateur public staggered pattern or vintage fashion and is today ‘ hui often proposed in the leather goods brand fashion collections. An amusing paradox when we consider that, conversely, the handbags are increasingly being transformed bag by the pupils and students.

The binder is solid!

So the leather goods brands have here a vast field of investigation they do not hesitate to explore. Besides all versions of the kind of cloth, vinyl or nylon, school bags, towels and briefcase therefore always embody and leather for the most beautiful models who are also proving more sustainable. For the binder sees “all colors”, often charged “like a mule,” filled urgently and asked bluntly, this faithful companion is often hard life: Beyond aesthetics, choice of quality leather model, robust and reliable production will more than ever required under pain of being quickly dropped by a bad stitching, a faulty clasp, strap insecure or handle the mediocre fasteners. According to baglib, leather versions better meet all these constraints as other materials used in the satchel certainly cheap but not really embodying the purchase of durable quality bag …

The briefcase is practical!

The proposed features will also have your attention, this type of leather bag which aim to serve you, it must be suitable for the use you make of it and not the opposite. Indeed, an important choice between the different correspondents arrangements to functions and significantly different uses: single, double or triple gusset for a more or less variable capacity, internal compartments, external zippered pocket for quick access, inner part laptop for carry a laptop, small clever arrangements as cases for pens, calculator, notebook, calendar, etc., lining, closing by clip or tuck, with lock or not with shoulder strap or not, and of course, adjusted for size standard or specific needs.

The binder in current versions

The finishes, finally, that are primarily personal taste, basically come in classic and elegant versions of pigmented leather flower (the flower of leather, it is the apparent outer surface), smooth or grained, generally toned wise brown, black or natural; but the fashion trend is including in this register book, and widely influenced some designers offering more stylized versions, contemporary, vintage satchel spirit or tendency in bold leather, split leather or leather with pigmented flower with effects of patina or nuances that achieve a more original look and more complex tones. Even more original, some brands of bags Laurige as, for example, offer the satchel colorized version for a trendy version of the crisp kind, rather Satchel woman, of course …

The quality satchel has a price!

The rates therefore vary depending on the finishes, fixtures, size but also in terms of brand awareness or scarcity of production. We can generally observe that these rates are in the range of 120 to 450 euros, depending on the brand and options, with, unsurprisingly, a net gain of quality for articles from more than 200 euros. Consider the amount and surface leather necessary to fulfill a satchel of 40x30cm, the standard size of the genre; The large flap, interior partitions, bellows; many large pieces! And the time to manufacturing and assembly, provided that the model is relatively well arranged or original in its finishes. The words “Made in France” is also (but not only) a guarantee of quality, some French producers with a real expertise in this particular field at competitive prices. A rather reasonable investment when one considers that a quality backpack can be used, depending on the intensity of use, years, sometimes more than twenty years! This is what we call a good investment, right?