Leather Leggings Dos and Don’ts

Since the Eighties leggings are at least as popular as jeans. While the athletic-inspired pants were then popular mainly in the craziest neon colors and patterns, leggings come today in everyday life rather therefore covered. It is however important that they are properly combined, because their casual-sporty charm have comfortable pants still.

Few other garments manage to be accepted so different. Leggings polarize, that’s for sure. While some the sporty trousers especially for love its convenience, the other Leggings are in turn considered too casual and anything but street-style fit. The fact is that you may make a lot wrong with leggings, but they are true under certain conditions combination wonders that are as good as any woman. Not for nothing dear fashionistas worldwide stylish pants that were on the major breakthrough in the eighties. Short, tall, plump, willowy – Leggings simply adapt to each figure. Convenient is easier!

Leggings – The Do’s and don’ts

Leggings always oscillates at a certain sporty tinged eighties charm, which can be largely minimized by the right material, an appropriate choice of color and thoughtful combinations. After all, who wants to wear leggings in everyday life, which will make a point that his leg dress does not look like aerobics, gymnastics or ballet. In principle, that every woman leggings are, nevertheless, especially the own figure should be viewed critically when it comes to what you want as leggings wear because Leggings bring every unloved fat pads to light. Gert Slender women with long legs have a virtually free choice when it comes to leggings. Both the material here as well as the color and from combining slim woman legs are in good hands in various models leggings. However, if you have a somewhat stronger stature, you should keep in mind that not necessarily make Leggings slim. You should definitely choose a material that is stable. Solid cotton as are the legs hold and conjures discreetly a few pounds less – when’s wrong color. Black is an all-rounder, as well as dark blue or gray leggings look elegant. Bright shades such as cream or light gray, ringed, floral or dot pattern and shimmering fabrics like spandex, Lycra or polyurethane, you should avoid, because they draw attention in addition to your possible problem area.

That you can combine with leggings

Leggings are suitable for many combinations and have a fairly high style factor that is important is that you choose to tops that are long enough. Because you must not forget that leggings are in no way to be confused with jeans or pants right, after all, they have neither the front nor the back pockets and are therefore more tights because right pants – and would you also do not put on a short shirt. Long knit sweater, boyfriend cardigans or -Blazer, tunics or oversized shirts that cover your butt, fit perfectly with leggings. Also you can long blouses or – dresses worn over leggings. When footwear you have relatively free choice. Whether rocking ankle boots, trendy sneakers, elegant ballet flats or summer sandals – they all fit perfectly with black leggings with mesh.

Leggings office

Even in the office can now be worn leggings. Of course, while floral and leopard pattern in everyday life can be hip and stylish, it is also on the right combination and color and pattern choice because, leggings with those patterns are in the office of course, a no-go! t’s best to choose a dark, monochromatic leggings, an elegant shirt dress and chic pumps to complete the leggings-in-office look! If you to even combine a blazer, no colleague, boss or customer you have is formerly eyeing sporty flavored legwear critical.

Fancy Leggings

The hippest party in town is on, but from a fresh look is still far and wide no trace? How about leggings and shirt? It sounds to you is not necessarily for a crazy party style from? hen you know probably no Pailetten-, gloss or leather leggings! Whether as a sparkling disco ball, as sexy SportGirl or in hot leather look – with extravagant leggings You are always an eye of the next party. Given a few sharp heels or trendy sneakers for the perfect break in style and finished the evening look, where you Carrie Bradshaw would smooth upstage!

While women leggings usually love men so their difficulties with the relic of the eighties. e can, however, do not understand, after all, emphasize leggings legs and do the right combination looks very impressive. Nevertheless, we see a that one with leggings also can quite fall into the trap styling. With our tips you will that happen but does not guarantee (more).

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