Lanterna Nitecore Tube

Hi everyone! In the series of illuminated, I present the little sister: the Nitecore Tube.

When one thinks of LED key chain, one immediately has in mind the image of the LED Black Photon Micro tested and approved in Montana. This small key chain sold in China to € 0.99 with a half-charged battery and does not work when you really need it…The Nitecore Tube has everything a great (finally an average) and beyond Widely competitors of its range. This small power concentrate is super compact and especially super convenient! Read on and you’ll quickly understand why it is essential!


Let’s start with what most interests us in this model: its dimensions.

As you see in the picture, the lamp Nitecore Tube is barely bigger than a key. It holds in the palm of the hand, but remains still large enough for a good grip. Its striated structure allows optimum use even with wet hands. From a design point of view, the angles are broken to avoid disturbing when it is in the pocket of your jeans. Excrescences protect the LED in the event of a fall. Weight level, the Nitecore Tube turns around the 10g. In other words, it weighs practically nothing. So that you do an idea, it passes into the sheath side of the EDC-S Tactical attitude pocket, next to my Leatherman Wave.

Length: 56.5 mm Width: 21 mm Thickness: 8 mm  Weight: 9.6g (with battery)

I obviously kept the best for the end, so let’s approach the “light” side. This lamp offers two modes of power: a first mode with 1 Lumen which diffuses on a few cm a sufficient light. Do not forget that its primary function is to produce a fill light: find something in your purse or illuminate the lock of your home. If ever there is a lack of light, the Nitecore Tube offers a second, more powerful mode at 45 Lumens. This one is ample enough to illuminate its way in the middle of the night, a motor in breakdown or even to be signaled by the roadsides!

Low / Low Mode

When the lamp is off, press the button to enter the low mode. Press again after 3 seconds of use to turn off the lamp.-Power: 1 Lumen – Illumination angle of 100°

High / High Mode

When the lamp is off, press the button twice successively and quickly to enter the loud mode. Press the button again to turn off the lamp. – Power: 45 Lumen-Range: 24 m-Illumination angle of 100 °

Note that there are tricks to use the lamp in momentary ignition and fashion switchers more easily.

Momentary ignition

When the lamp is off, press and hold the button for more than one second to enter the momentary mode in the loud mode. Simply release the button to turn off the lamp.

You can also choose a variable intensity between 1 and 45 Lumens, enough to adapt to your real need.

Choice of power

In the Low mode, press and hold the button for more than one second to select the desired brightness level. When you release the button, the selected brightness remains. Press the button again to turn off the lamp. The lamp does not have a memory function, so it will not record your selection.

From a viewpoint resistance, the metal connector supports a tensile 35Kg. It’s not that anecdotal when you know it’s the weakness of any keychain. It is constructed of polycarbonate and withstands drops from a height of 1.5m (tested and approved to 2.5 m). Nitecore the tube is in the IP65 standard, it is fully protected against dust and against water from all directions to launch jets (nozzle 6.3 mm , distance 2.5 m to 3 m , speed 12.5 l / min ± 5%).

Now the big info ‘retex… This mini LED lamp is rechargeable! This is where it tackles all the competition in the field of LED keychain lamps. Thanks to a USB port, it is possible to recharge the lamp in a few moments (2h max). The Li-ion battery holds 1h to 45 Lumens and 48h to 1 Lumens. Suffice to say that for the use we have, it is more than enough. It can therefore be charged from a computer, a wall outlet or a portable recharge (battery or solar for example): simply connect the lamp to USB and wait until the charging indicator light is off.


One day I bought a LED Photon in a solderie on my way home. By the time she got home she had lost her power and a few days after the pile was dead. It happened almost every time I had this kind of gadget in my hands. The cheap is paid for! (irony when you hold us..) Today I have to say I’m really happy the Nitecore Tube. Certainly it is more expensive but it is without counting on its perenniality! If we respect the charging time and the cycle of the battery, we burst out all the other micro LED key chain (attention, I do not speak of the mini flash-light…).

Personally I find that the modes of power are really well thought out, I do not come back on it but I appreciate to be able to boost a little lighting if really I’m in the shit. Finally there is the look that is really nice, not displease to some, and I totally assume the succession to his side tacticool!


Given its Photon her mom that she found her keys in her purse and buys this Nitecore Tube in Our site with link of Investtops. It is a French shop which sells gear tacique / Urban Outdoor and has a nifty electronic shelf with products that not everywhere (check the tents !!!!). Especially for you Outpost to set up a promo on the lamp! And most importantly, do not go link me to Chinese shops or other Ebay and Amazon in the reviews. I know it exists but at NoPanic we prefer to support guys who break their ass (and hardly survive) to find and sell good gear. These people are the last ramparts facing the multinational mastodons that crush everything in their way by flowing it soft in tax havens, so we are behind them! Well, that was my little jerk! (Offered by the house!)