Lantern Night Lights for Babies

A few weeks ago, I had a chance to win a contest organized by theb bnove brand. The batch in question? A Lantern night-light in a limited edition. I was really happy to finally test this product who made me the eye for a long time!

Lantern Night Lights for Babies

I already told you the bbnove brand in this article on the occasion of the launch of their campaign of crowdfunding, project for which they had the idea to dress up their traditional Lantern night lights with small patterns for a limited time.

Remember, bbnove is a French, eco-friendly and innovative brand that offers useful and ingenious products designed to make life easier for parents. Their products have already won many awards thanks to their design and their features. Now that my baby is finally taking the pacifier, I will look deeper into the acquisition of another one of their flagship products: nipples Asleep support who looks so convenient!

Here are 3 new night lights Lantern models:

My choice fell on the model Navy, a nice Navy Blue night light with white stripes.It was the favorite of my husband and I figured you’d like her to my little boy, although I confess that model Polka was my prettiest eyes. The Pirate model we not attracted, we are not fans of the ‘death’s head’ reasons and even less for a baby.

My Navy Lantern night-light

It is a Nomad pilot who owns a record autonomy of 200 h! No you’re not dreaming! It’s amazing to be able to benefit if autonomy for a small night light like this. At the present time where many models still work on batteries, it’s appreciable to find a rechargeable product. The pilot light is delivered with its micro-usb cable that allows us to recharge it with ease. Honestly, its battery lasts a long time and we need to recharge it only very rarely… I didn’t count the hours where she was on, but I can tell you is that she worked a lot and I have not had need of putting it on charge since I got it about a month ago…

Hung from the bars of the bed, you can very easily get through her loving soft-touch system. Understand here that the silicone fastening system is fixed to the back burner by a small discreet magnet which allows the child to catch it all alone if he so wishes. It comes off so very simply by pulling it. A young child be able independently take to pick up his blankie fell out of bed or even go to the toilet alone at night by proudly holding his small lantern in hand. Practice! My baby is still too young to pick him even, but I’m sure that when there are 2-3 years, it will be very useful…

Small, it takes up very little space. So you can easily slip it in your bag to carry it with you on vacation. It’s what I intend to do this summer as well whenever we will leave to stay in our families for one or more nights with baby.

At first, his plastic look might seem a bit “fragile”. But I think it is good to clarify that in reality it is rather robust. Well you might say, especially when it comes to a product intended for children! In fact, it has been extensively tested factory in order to resist the assaults repeated our little kitties who will open it and close it many times. Ours fell several times (to my regret), but this has allowed me to see that she had nothing and still works fine. Touch, she lights up even a simple touch.

To adjust the light intensity, a mechanical sliding to position the night-light on 3 Heights (shown in the photo above). Set to a minimum, it will emit very little light and more light space will be unveiled (white part), more it will broadcast in around her. Logic! I love well, because unlike other lights on the market we can decide what light intensity we want to meet our needs. It is thought…

In the photo, I’ll show the micro-usb port located at the back of the Lantern night-light. It is there that we have the possibility to recharge using the supplied cable. I likes this system because even if we are not with us (when we are on vacation, for example), we can plug into our computer to recharge it with ease.

The Lantern night-light has two modes of operation. The first allows to turn it on to the touch (because it is touch!) for a period of 2 h. The second is a continuous mode, that is to say that the pilot light will remain lit all night. To turn it off (and turn it on) simply press the button located at the front, just next to the LCD display, which indicates the level of battery charge. What I like is that the Lantern night-light turns on only if it is dark in the room. When I turn on the light it automatically turns off, but when I turned it off and it captures that there is enough light, then she turns her even!

I must say that we are very pleased to have been able to discover this little lantern which still has other functions compared to the night lights we already had at home. It serves rather as flashlight. The light’s company for our baby that feels reassured and see what there is around him in his room. This night light is a light, I mean there she does nothing on the ceiling project and broadcasts not lullabies. However what is interesting, is that she is tactile. A small child will be no problem to turn it on when needed. There the touch so it lights. I also like the fact that she is smart in turning on automatically when it is dark (if previously you activated this mode, of course).

I must confess that I use me too regularly. Some nights, it’s in my room it is found!Yes, we’re tester or it isn’t, huh? Sometimes I take it and lets it lit on my nightstand to illuminate my room before falling asleep. I also use it to light my way when I had to get up in the dark at night. It gives enough light to see at night, without getting sore eyes. In the House of my little heart, she very simply attaches to the bars of his bed through his publicist in silicone, very well thought out. You can then take in our hand very easily, just pull it towards us, because it is connected to the home by a small magnet. Its autonomy is just great. The Lantern night-light is simple, pretty, useful… It’s a good product made in France as we like based on Gametate.