Kitchen Clocks, Designs and Tips

We have discovered what can not be missing in kitchens around the world, kitchen clocks. It may seem silly to you but if you look at it you will discover that it is an object that is never missing because it is very useful and serves us to distribute the time.

Imagine that you are cooking a delicious cake and you are burned because you have not correctly calculated the cooking time, or you are late to work because you have been excited about making a breakfast worthy of a hotel. We could say a thousand examples like these, also in Spanish kitchens it is very normal to “make life” and spend a long time, is also usually passing through the door so it is very comfortable to have a great clock reference.

As each kitchen has a style and performance we bring you different clocks so that you can inspire and never arrive late. But we’ll come up with a couple of tips that will be very useful when choosing:

  1. Do not choose a clock so minimalist and original that you do not know to read what time it is.
  2. In the kitchen the objects get dirtier by the cooking vapors so you have to choose a clock that can be cleaned with ease.
  3. Try to match the style of your kitchen.
  4. If you do not find anything that you like you can try to do it yourself, it’s very simple. Purchase the mechanism at any hardware store and paint the numbers on the wall.

Here are some examples:

For this clock they have designed the interior stamping, you could also do it yourself and decorate it with the colors of your kitchen, the case is easy to remove and then you can insert the paper that you have previously designed.

This clock recreates an old subway station and gives the kitchen a special and retro style.

This clock lacks the mechanism, but we want to show it to you to see the previous step to mount it.We love using recycled materials to decorate.

This clock has a good size and is very striking but the best thing is that it does not occupy any space in the kitchen, it is indicated for high ceilings.

A clock with built-in calendar is already the most in organization.

Another example of a clock with recycled objects, it is always tea time in this house.

This example is a clock fully combined with the decor and styles of the kitchen.

Finally a very original and daring design, with the blender rods.How about?

Browse through the photos of kitchen clocks at BUSINESSCARRIERS.COM. And which clock do you like the most? Comment below.