Kiko French Manicure Pen

Kiko presents the brand new glazes in pen colored, are called French Manicure Pen.With these nail lacquer even the less experienced can try their hand in the color combinations and french super chic for summer.

Make a French manicure in the “traditional way” is not easy, you have to have a very steady hand and a precise touch or you must resort to the bezels that allow you to follow a perfect line.

For this Kiko has decided to find a solution to our problems by proposing the French Manicure Pen, that are used just like a pen to color the nail tips in the simplest way possible!

The pen must be shaken before use. The application is practical and controlled, you must be pressed on the bottom to let out the glaze: while the tank – dispenser releases the perfect amount of nail polish, the fiber applicator with a rounded tip allows you to distribute it precisely along the edge of the nail without need other supports. Just one click to outline the nails with precision and just a bit ‘of creativity to choose original combinations of colors.

Kiko launched the first nail polish pen last year, however, was only available in white color, to achieve the classic French manicure . By summer 2011, the Italian cosmetics company has decided to bring a bit ‘of joy and liveliness in our days, with 8 new full color, shining with absolute trend nails. The new colors are: Yellow 02, 03 Aquamarine, 04 Celeste, 05 blue, 06 Magenta, 07 rose, 08 and 09 Lilac Orchid. How much do they cost? They are on sale at the price of 8.90 Euros each.

Kiko gives us 24 combinations french / polish the latest fashions from which we can take inspiration, here they are:

But for those who want to have a manicure super glamor that does not go unnoticed, Kiko proposes new ways to outline the nails with french tilted to the right or left, or more color surface, or in a minimalist version with a small semi-circle at the center.

With these pens can really add a touch of originality to our look!

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