Keep The Cold Water With The Covers For Nalgene Bottles

The Cold Water With The Neoprene Sleeves For Nalgene Bottles

In summer, we want to keep our cold water bottles for a long time. A way to do it is there, and with sleeves for bottles from Nalgene.

Neoprene water bottle covers

The neoprene covers keep beverages cold longer and, at the same time, are responsible for eliminating condensation of the bottle. This is important especially in summer, when you go outdoors, there is little sun and you don’t want that your bottle filled with cold water to heat a few minutes.

Nalgene trick: remember to fill your water bottle with ice that water last even longer well cold

All our covers for bottles have an element to hang them or take them by the hand, either a carabiner or a handle, because as well as tools they are easy to carry and load up.

And as we know that you for tastes the colors, you can find covers in blue, black, red and even printed, so you can choose which combine best with your team and your preferences.

Covers For Bottles With Thermal Insulation

Nor do we forget bottles with thermal insulation covers, either with or without a zipper. They also maintain the temperature of the water as you’ve entered it for a long time.

Covers With Thermal Insulation For 1 L Bottles

Covers For Resistant Bottles

Our water bottles it endure everything, and our covers for bottles are not left behind. So covers Nalgene also endure what you throw them. So can live your vacation without worrying about more than cool and stay hydrated.

Our friend Jorge de FerreHogar talks about our covers in one video. Don’t miss a detail!c