Jewelry For Men Style Guide

Not only the female sex likes to decorate itself. We men too would like to access small details and accessories that underline our manliness. But the counterpart to hairpins, earrings and nail polish is not so easy to spot. What works with the women does not work for a long time with us men. Therefore, I would like to introduce you in today’s style guide jewelry for men, and how to wear it properly.

Of course everyone has their own taste and that is also good. There are a number of different pieces of jewelery for the man, from different price categories, materials and motifs. Give an approximate idea of what you want to wear, what is the meaning of the jewelry.

But whether it’s leather, plastic, silver, bronze or gold, the rules are the same.

The Golden Rules For Jewelry

Take small steps-If you decide to decorate yourselves, then you should not overthrow it. Makes small changes, over weeks.If you were to go out of the house from one day to the next with five rings, two chains, and 20 “Friendship Bracelets,” you would hardly be taken for granted by your friends.

The necessary portion of masculinity-jewelry can very quickly look very feminine. Therefore, you should pay attention to masculine jewelry. Motifs or trailers with hearts, angels or “lucky bear” are an absolute taboo. It should not be too conspicuous not to shine too much. Matte metals, woods or leather are the right choice.

The right statement-Not only your friends and acquaintances will address you sooner or later on your jewelery. Therefore the jewelry should have a certain statement about and for you.A chain of skulls is hardly suitable for a hornbrand look.

Authentic and true-this point is quite similar to the previous one. But it is more about the fact that jewelery, so beautiful and good, he likes others, must stand and fit. If you have a problem, for example, to wear rings, you should not do this on “devil-come-out”. Wear that which underscores your personality and fits your type.

Who is, of course, especially creative, like the jewelry designer Philip Crangi, can make his own parts. This is, on the one hand, a relatively inexpensive alternative because you can use everything that comes under your fingers in your own four walls, but you also have a personal connection to these jewelery pieces. 100% authentic.