Jewelry for Festivals

11 questions for your jewellery

At the Festival we boast elegant accessory: so that nothing goes wrong with the styling, we say what’s important.

1 fashion jewelry or real jewelry?

Basically that is primarily a matter of taste – nothing speaks against fashion jewelry, as long as it’s quality. Who slightly allergic to substances such as nickel, metal, or synthetic, which should engage in any case to real jewelry.

  1. which chain to which section?

Styling tips : Tops with wide neck handle large, round chain lying on the neckline. U-boot or waterfall snippets too short, do it closely to the neck-fitting specimens. V-necks or openly listed by blouses like long chains, terminating on the edge or beyond. New: with glitter studded collar chains that look great to a buttoned blouse.

  1. play a role proportions?

Curvy women are better served with opulent jewelry, because delicate parts rather sink. Submit a maximum of two highlights, otherwise it acts quickly overloaded. Wear it better long chain, which stretch visually. Also good: Earrings can distract problem areas and direct the look of gen head.

Jewelry 4. belongs to the festive outfit ever ?

Patterned looks need a few accessories to the Festival. Simple classic in silver or gold are perfect here because they revalue, without interfering too much. Plain dresses or tops can tolerate well an extra portion of jewelry . Colorful glitter jewelry brings glamour to the styling with jeans and a T-Shirt.

  1. A watch for every look?

According to snap only a particularly elegant version of the watch will be taken to the evening dress or pure decoration. At classic events, we affirm that, in the evening at a party, one creates with a contrasting or rather sporty watch a successful break in style with a trend factor.

6 gold, silver, or colored?

Gold is still considered the most noble material and fits best to elegant dresses, costumes, or trouser suits . Silver chains or rings go always without exception. Colorful parts with much rhinestone or glitter elements can effect Super fine and be styled evening.

7 gold and silver together carry?

Here the most important role the occasion: on fancy evening events better choose a variant and do not mix. Mix leisure like subtle silver and gold jewelry, which puts tension into the look. Beware of different gold nuances: rather put on just a tone.

8 are bags also jewelry?

Bags are among the category accessories, can be – but it also regarded as real gem if she so richly decorated and glamorous look like such as this specimen (accessorize, CA. €30). Better reduce the styling and maximum wear another piece of jewelry – otherwise the companion is not more so beautiful.

9 How to maintain his jewels for the best?

Precious metals such as silver and gold down and back with a mild soapy solution and a soft tooth brush scrub off. Special polishing cloths provide a good service. Pearls, coral, and amber are particularly sensitive. Wipe dry after application and bring approximately every two years to the jeweler. Glass or rhinestones only wet wipe and dry thoroughly. Hard stones, however, quiet clean with water and a brush. Especially protect perfumes or chemicals in fashion jewelry and occasionally wipe with a cloth.

  1. how keep I real jewelry?

A jewelry box or airtight boxes are the guarantee for a long life. A plastic bag is indeed not the fanciest, but does it also. Suitable places: light protected in the closet or drawer. Do not store in the bathroom, because the humidity is too high, and the jewelry is.

  1. what jewelry is just a trend?

Gold and silver remain this season on the line, for now sparkles and glitters it anywhere – and this not too close. The larger, more colorful, more unusual, crazy, the better! Especially chains (for example from accessorize, CA. €30) are made only on one: notice at any price!

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