JETBeam PA40 XM-L Review

JETBeam has brought in the last few weeks some new and interesting lamps on the market and is now presenting the JETBeam PA40 again after. To say it right away: In advance has been discussed in various internet forums about the undeniable similarity with a product of a market companion, and in fact there are certain external similarities.

As often happens, however, is also the riddle simply because according to my information, the appropriate designer has changed jobs and is now working for JETBeam, which in turn explains the similarity. Anyway, I will not go into the subject further at this point, but rather devote myself instead to the Review of JETBeam PA40 which also again has great potential in my view.

For completeness’ sake, before we begin: All information like ANSI lumens and maturities are manufacturer information.

Packaging / Accessories

  • Lanyard
  • Ersatzendschalterkappe
  • Replacement O-ring
  • Holster

As with the PC25 sets JETBeam here again on the new plastic as a packaging, which also has astable and high-quality impression leaves.

First Impression

The most important thing first: JETBeam brought the PA40 a lamp on the market that can be powered by standard AA batteries or respective flashlights with rechargeable NiMH batteries, says GaryFlashlights. Nevertheless JETBeam PA40 reaches a stately output of 468 ANSI lumens, which is very neat for a run with regular batteries lamp. The carbon fiber-reinforced lamp body also makes it clear that it is not a fair-weather lamp, but a powerful flashlight that even under harsh environmental conditions can be used without any ifs and buts.

Another-and in my view, useful feature-is a battery level indicator that displays easy to read the current battery or battery level. She starts depending on the condition of the batteries / rechargeable batteries, flashing at certain intervals. So means about a consistent and well recognizable even in the dark flashing signal, that the power does not last long and the batteries / accumulators should be changed as soon as possible. Such a feature is me otherwise only from much more expensive lamps as the Olight SR90 known, so I like it better that a battery level indicator has now also been introduced in the JETBeam PA40.


Well, what can I say? I just do it short: The quality so far shown the P series of JETBeam reappears even in the PA40. Since I have discovered nothing to complain about, I shall be at this point briefly: Excellent workmanship and quality-point. Whether the carbon fiber-reinforced lamp body is hard at work really better proven than a non-reinforced lamp body, I can not judge because I naturally exposed to extreme stress test as a fall from 10,000 feet elevation or a crossing with a Leopard 2A2 my JETBeam PA40…

However Regardless I can only say that the lamp makes a stable impression, when you hold in your hand.


The operation of JETBeam PA40 is less spectacular and therefore explained quickly. A switch, located at the end of the lamp, the four light modes of PA40 can be selected by pressing; Strobe and SOS are not present. The JETBeam PA40 is on and off course also with this switch: Oh.

Light Modes And Maturities

  • 468 ANSI lumens / 2.5 hours
  • 220 ANSI lumens / 6 hours
  • 50 lumens / 27 hours
  • 2 ANSI lumens / 150 hours


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