Iphone Edition Will Be Special At All

We continue with the leaks which is going to be the next iPhone, an iPhone that is expected will be quite unique since this year the 10th anniversary is memory. And September, possible month of presentation of this new iPhone continue with the gossip of what we will see soon, and it seems that Apple is going to present more than one smartphone in its catalog.

The news are running that Apple will pursue the iPhone 7 continuity with the new iPhone 7s as brand custom, but in addition to this we will see a very exclusive iPhone that will save this unique model that Apple were surprised a few years ago with the iPhone, that Yes, this edition will have a cost above what we’ve seen so far.

iPhone Edition, the exclusivity that wants to Apple

Japanese media speak of the “iPhone Edition”, an iPhone that came to celebrate this tenth anniversary of the launch of the Apple, iPhone Edition that will arrive in 5-inch format and which will join the traditional range of iPhones, which is going to be renewed also with the new 7s and 7s Plus iPhone iPhonemobile. And you know, the new iPhone Edition could end up costing more than thousand euros because each and every one of the new features that will bring with it.

The people of Cupertino already tested different peculiarities which could have: LCD display, OLED, charge wireless, Touch ID integrated into the screen and etc in developments that undoubtedly will make this something singular iPhone. Nothing crazy idea to see what Apple did with the Apple Watch Edition, that Yes, there will be to do the host that has this iPhone bearing in mind high cost which can have this device. We are going to see exactly what is in all of this.