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Inflatable Mattresses

The inflatable mattress is a lot of comfort and practicality, replacing the old mattresses that form a large volume when rolled, but too thin when extended for use.

The inflatable mattress must be chosen. There are several brands and models: wider, taller, single and double.

The only downside of this accessory is when it sticks. Are a little difficult to remedar and the person wakes up on the floor.

When you use a mattress like that inflate to a good pressure. Feel and support only the rear part of the mattress, lifting the legs and arms. If your body doesn’t touch the ground, it means that the pressure is good. Do not inflate very not to mattress seams. Each time inflate it, the next day, must strengthen the internal pressure due to the elasticity of mattress that was used with the empty form.

Prefer felt-covered mattresses (velvet) on top. This prevents you transpire and wake up on top of the mattress, the sheet from slipping on the inflatable and also prevents against unwanted holes. If you choose a model with Pillow attached, think will have to put up with it all the time in the same position.

Up camp you’ll notice that you can’t keep the mattress your way came when new. This happens because even releasing the valve, there is still air inside the equipment. Time to deflate, after having freed the majority of air volume, adjust your inflator in the position contrary to when you went off. Remove all air from the mattress and when you bend it, you’ll see that he will be so compact as when you bought it.

Patches and repairs

Most inflatable mattresses comes with a repair kit. Read the instructions and apply them. Not having a result of success, will there a hint that, made with care and whim, 80% of unwanted holes meets. You will need:

-1 Vinyl glue (to buoys and swimming pools)
-1 tape “Duct Tape”
-1 pair of scissors
-1 cigarette lighter

  • Clean the hole with alcohol and then pass a piece of paper on the surface. The paper helps to eliminate moisture and fat from the site. – This is very important.
    · Cut a small square of “Duct Tape” (little larger than the size of the hole).
    · Pass the glue on both surfaces (the mattress and tape).
    · Wait the time indicated in the tube of glue.
    · Join the areas and press firmly for a minute.
    · Heat the tape with the lighter for wane.
    · Repeat this operation more or less four times the size of the tape, so that a set involves the other and strengthen more and more the patch.
    · Make the operation slow and whim.

To learn more about the accessories to inflate your mattress, between in section accessories and check out all types of bellows and poppers available on the market.

Finding holes in large inflatable

It’s not news to anyone the most efficient way to find a hole in a small inflatable: dip it in the water and wait for the emergence of small bubbles of air from inside your hole escapades.
The greatest difficulty is even when the inflatable is very large, such as camping mattresses, being virtually impossible to dip it into a container of water. You will need:

-1 spray Container plants
– Water
– Detergent

  • Fill the sprayer with water and a little detergent.
    · Shake the bottle to that mix well and create more foam
    · Spray all the inflatable uniformly seeking a greater production of bubbles. Start with the parts that you judge more likely to be damaged. Usually the holes occur at the seams or folds of inflatables.
    So you can detect the hole and thus apply the original patch or homemade patch presented above.

Filling the mattress in the exhaust of the car

Without doubt the Act of filling an inflatable mattress in the camp is always a boring thing. Delay and bother. Often you can’t put the mattress inflated inside the tent and stuff it in there and it makes it worse. Even with electric fillers need to use both air inlets of the mattress to make everything in less time and many times the noise is deafening and the feeling of disruption to the neighbor is big, especially in the dead of night.

Regardless of technique or equipment a false-good alternative is to use the strength and volume of the exhaust air of the car to fill the mattress. Our team has been through this experience and can share it with you.

Initially we can say that the technique is great, since the exhaust air is “free”, strong and voluminous, where the mattress inflates in pucos seconds without great efforts. Is required two people to do it quickly or someone doing so more slow adapting a thin hose to a afunilador. Also the fact that when you go it will deflate leaving visible smoke is pure illusion and therein lies the danger.

Besides the danger of the mattress blow by the fact of not having control of pressure, the explosion in the Act of filling or in the middle of the night is risky. Mainly because you will inhale a large concentration of toxic gases at once, especially if you’re inside the tent closed. Anyway, at the time of the desinflamento you will also somehow in contact with it. Finally, our experience has resulted in something very strange and without a more technical explanation of what happened, but in a later trip the mattress presented outside and velvet, a lot like slime mold. The large amount of this mold may have been given by gas and moisture that settled in the velvety surface in time to deflate the mattress. Finally next trip probably dry mattress, presented leaks at various points.

Don’t risk your life and even your equipment. Enjoy moments of camp with pleasure and responsibility.

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