Inateck 3 Port USB 3.0 Hub

Macitynet tests l’ Inateck USB 3.0 hub at 3 doors with SD slot costs 21 euros. Here’s how it works and how it can be put next to a Mac.

If you have an old Mac without a port for SD and you are also looking for a USB Hub, you might be interested in this solution produced by Inateck offering both things: Hub function, with three USB 3.0, and a Secure Digital card slot.

3 ports Hub with SD slot, which we had the opportunity to test these days, it’s a product that will appeal primarily to the Android world with support for Usb On The Go and integrated Usb to Micro Usb Adapter, but that appeal, as mentioned, also for the Apple world, thanks to the double function of Hub and SD card reader.

Aesthetically we are facing the classic product for PC. Well built but with no particular ambition from a stylistic point of view: it has an aluminium plate on top and plastic, good quality, is black. The cable, thirty centimeters length, is fairly rigid plastic making it necessary to “tame” to give to the hub location that we will want to.

The Hub, as mentioned, has a Micro-Usb adapter connected to the plastic clamp directly to the main cable. This is useful for some Android products, but it is not particularly to the Apple world. In any case, you can use the Micro USB connector to connect the hub, for example, to a camera

Inateck Hub supports Usb 3.0, and is therefore compatible with newer Macs. These machines have a need not too urgent to benefit also of the SD slot that characterizes the Inateck device since all the newest products already have a SD card reader.

For older products, however, thanks to the double function this is the perfect companion, although many of them will not be able to take advantage of the USB 3.0 speed. In any case to all the products, and in particular to the desktop, the hub offers the chance to multiply your USB ports and have a double SD slot one at hand, without looking in the back, since we can make the crack where we will introduce the card to us.

Speed test and multi-connection

Tests show that the transfer speed is good. With an SD card Lexar Professional 16 GB Class 10 by power we measured 9 GB transfer (610 items) from the card to the desktop in 2 minutes and 32 seconds, pretty much the same transfer rate that we timed using the integrated slot in our MacBook Pro.

We had no trouble managing three USB flash drives and copying files from your SD card, although the speed is obviously lower. The hub can support even a powered external HD and a key; the manufacturer recommends not to connect two Hard drives because the device is not designed to get this power limit (the maximum combined should not exceed 900 mAh).

What the hub cannot do is recharge an iPad: the exit is not powerful enough and does not respond to minimum specifications to power these devices. According to ezhoushan, it is still able to charge without too much difficulty an iPhone and simultaneously read data from a USB stick.


In conclusion, the hub of Inateck can be an interesting partner for all those who have an older computer, with no SD card reader. In this situation we will have three USB ports and a slot for transferring images. Who has a newer Mac, especially an iMac or a Mac mini, might find handy the chance to combine with a SD reader hub to be placed in a location more accessible. OTG support, multiply the interest for anyone who has a device that is compatible with this technology.