If You Have a Chromecast, Google Has Deals for Ti

At this point Chromecast does not need any presentation. Google has created a great product and application developers have supported it throughout its almost two years of life with services of all kinds. Now, are those of Mountain View who want to get rewarded for using your dongle with different offers depending on the country.

If we enter this website, we will see three free promotions appear to us. According to the region, I am now in France and the first that appears me is local content, We have three free content, a bed and a free film and 90 days of unlimited music on Google Play.

To access the offer we have to do it connected to the same network WiFi which our Chromecast. This is done just to redeem the different links and ready. Easy, simple, and with a single stick: 90 days of free music seem to only work on new accounts, not in that they have already configured and running.

It is not the first time that Google has offerings of this type. Already in his day got Gravity and a few days ago it was possible to redeem up to nine euros with PayPal to make purchases within Google Play. Once we analyze Chromecast on Engadget, but since then, it has evolved a lot.

For now it seems that We don’t have deals for Spain or Latin America but we have seen this movement in other European countries such as Germany for example where the offers vary: access to Snap by Sky or rebate on the monthly subscription to Maxdome 90 days unlimited Play Music and Play Movies film.

Is assumed that it is a new system to encourage and encourage prospective buyers of Chromecast with some details. We will keep you informed if new offerings.