I Love Leggings as Pants

When I was a teenager I loved leggings! Well I admit I still love it! I have a few pairs in my basket to socks that I spell for exceptional opportunities. Make you cosplayers, fancy dress parties with friends… I get older and the gaiters to 30 years especially when you love them wacky archi it doesn’t on Monday morning to go to work…

So I’m catching up with my daughter!
She is too young to wear leggings so I put her leggings. My leggings are XXL size printed leggings without the feet. You tell me:
– But Mrs duck, if there is no feet it is what? Huh?
And I will answer you:
-Know little padawan pad for young kids is the best! These are removable sleeves (you can also bring them to the arm) coming up (or even without Socks) warm up the legs, adorn the arms and give a PEP to the look of your child.

I own a few years pair of Babylegs. The concern? They are expensive and good quality made in China. They are so popular that they are often copied and that copies do not meet the same specifications… dubious dyes, poor quality… It’s hard to know if we’re dealing a real and more prices cooled while we want full!

It is in this context that I discovered Andrew! Andrew specialises in the making of leggings baby Made in France. Andrew legwarmers are certified Okeo-Tex and are much less expensive!
The big positive point? They are beautiful, with bright colors!

I received a pair in test in order to put them to the test way duck and I’m blown out.

The leggings are hot and sweet just what it takes to protect the legs of my mini that romps all over the apartment four-legged.

They are resistant because they haven’t budged in weeks of intensive use and washing machine. I have not tried the dryer I’m afraid of breaking the elasticity. But the colors are good!

They are too beautiful! As soon as we put them on the holding takes on a very rock style. I love!

They are practical. My daughter hates the socks. The leggings are for me the assurance that they will not be cold at the legs while leaving a little quiet. From time to time it is good to let the body breathe. Long live the leggings and exit the tights and socks.

They’re made in France! By buying products made in France we are reducing our environmental impact and contribute to the development of national companies. Do not forget!

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