Hue Boom: Over 200 Apps For Philips Hue LED Lichtsytem

And it has made “hue”: the clever LED lighting system from Philips hue celebrates today a small Jubilee. hue is now now more than 200 light apps.

Several times we have already cool Smartphone and Tablet Apps to hue, here on the blog. One of the highlights as: hue party or Disco – hue see our entertaining video. But that was not long enough.

There are now over 200 apps for the LED lighting solution for the first time two years ago presented the Dutch. And almost every day come new creative lighting applications.

So lighting scenes and lighting effects, for example, due to music you can, create photos and movies, but also connect to Internet services and other devices in the household.

Recent examples of app provide lighting effects specially for Halloween and Christmas. The hue lamps and lighting fixtures can be connected with special sound effects and to generate appropriate moods-of deliciously creepy to spectacular festive on new year’s Eve Fireworks.

Very cool also the hue apps Splyce and Ambify, who can conjure depending on the setting selected, strobe-like effects or romantic colour change of the slower songs in the living room. Hue party is anything but a fun case so.

Thanks to the app flood last but not least is the manufacturer of Philips, provides open interfaces for hue programming since last year.

Centers in the film

The app offer for the cult film “Sharknado” Syfy Sync and Philips hue a home theater experience of a special kind: so rousing, tailored to the events of the film effects arise in the living room. With the Ambilight + hue app can be the dominant colors of the TV image adapt to the hue-lights – cinema atmosphere in the entire living room.

Atmosphere to feel good

Huedini helps to relax after busy days and to let go: the hue lights Dim and brighten slowly, adapted to the rhythm of breathing. Espresso for hue refers to the most beautiful moods and themes from nature, and generates corresponding lighting effects. On request the colors of different designs pass quietly flowing into each other.

A selection of exciting apps Philips has published on MBAKECHENG. The platform serves as a focal point and provides information about the application possibilities of hue up to the networking via “If This Than That”. Hue – also without apps – in just a few steps intelligently networked to can with Internet service.

For example, to automatically adjust the lighting on the local weather conditions, light signals at the entrance to important messages, before dates or news of own favorite Club to raise.

A dedicated Developer website helps the previous applications by hue continuously to expand.Only in September Philips was the hue in the context “I love APIs” Conference honored as winner in the category of “Top API for the Internet of things”.