How We Want The HTC One M10

The HTC One M9 has so far not been able to import the desired sales. As a result, announcements were made that the next flagship of HTC would be much more innovative . So we wish this and have therefore some ideas for the next smartphone, which we now simply call HTC One M10.

HTC One M10: The Design

The design of the current flagship is classy, elegant. However, the basic design of the One M9 is very similar to the predecessor. Probably the designers of HTC were simply satisfied with the look. The smartphone customer of today is, however, challenging. Here, HTC should perhaps rethink in the future and sometimes take a creative step that also astonishes the competition. Sleeker, more brilliant, more daring: I hope for 2016.

Htc One M10: The Inner Values

Users want to see modern technology. The HTC One M9 offers few highlights when compared to its predecessor. Even if the Snapdragon processor in benchmarks reaches top places: A smartphone must be developed permanently. Otherwise it remains behind its competition. Because a well-known and popular smartphone manufacturer must be able to surprise its customers. Why should I spend almost 1,000 euros to own a device that offers as much as a model that costs only half? A new processor and a few megapixels in the camera are not enough. Fingerprint sensor, indestructible sleeves, cordless shutter: DAS, meine Lieben, are novelties. And that’s what we want the HTC One M10 more.

HTC One M10: Look At The Display

The current HTC One M9 is equipped with the same display as the One M8. No UHD, but sharp and very readable. But is it innovative? No. A curved display like Samsung, or a flexible display like LG.This is the result of innovations that not only visually appeal, but also improve the user experience.And that is what ultimately matters. The size and resolution of the display are the same for the One M9. We still want a bit more whistle at the One M10. The competition is not asleep.

HTC One M10: More Music

The almost legendary BoomSound loudspeakers (with integrated amps!) Are still a big argument at HTC, because the HTC One M9 emulates 3D sound via loudspeakers and headphones. Without the right music, the great sound quality is of no use. The Sense running music app is, despite nice features such as lyrics search certainly no top solution, compared with, for example, with iTunes or the freshly presented Apple Music. We therefore hope for the HTC One M10 program features such as intuitive music suggestions based on the taste and options with which we can enjoy the BoomSound even better.

how do you see it? Do you like the HTC One M9? What would you expect from the successor? We are looking forward to your opinions.