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I read a few books of the time World War II this month (have you read, Bomb ? So good! Unbroken was also great, but it gave me terrible nightmares sharks.), So I ‘ ‘ve sort of been the era of the 1940s on the brain when I totally lucked out and found a vintage inspired dress at the thrift store. This logically led to a tear-filled display the laptop. I’m a total sucker for vintage dresses in movies and television shows. De La Grande Gatsb there for Mad Men, I rounded all kinds of inspiration vintage fashion and 8 online shops where you can find the dress of your dreams vintage.

  • Va Va Voom!1 of 13

This film is a non-stop parade of beautiful styles in both men and women. I’d love to go play in the wardrobe trailer for this film for a few hours!

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  • Find 20s inspired dresses at Mod Cloth 3 of 13

These dresses, art deco inspired glittering Gatsby are totally worthy. Mod Cloth carries a ton of vintage-inspired dresses of every decade!

Black Dress, Mod Cloth , $ 119

purple dress, Mod Cloth , $ 119.99

Get Inspiration 30s Amelia 4 of 13

There are some scenes with gorgeous dresses in this film, but to be honest I’m even more inspired by (played by Hilary Swank) boy accoutrements of Amelia Earhart, complete with button-down plaid jackets and timeless aviator.

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  • Get 30s style from Beehive 5 of 13

The summerdressesstore carries a variety of vintage inspired clothing. This summer dress is so ridiculously glamorous! And of course, I had to understand a jacket in honor of Amelia.

Dress, Beehive, $ 89.50 (on sale)

Bomber, Ruche, $ 38,99

  • Fall in love with the 40’s in The Notebook 6 13

I sincerely wish Rachel McAdams realize how she was incredibly lucky to be in this film. Not only did she get to spend any time doing with Ryan Gosling, she also had the most fantastic hair and a wardrobe ever. Dresses! That red bikini!The pin curls! Gloves! There is so much to swoon over in this classic chick flick.

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  • Get Allie style with Stop Staring 7 of 13

This online store is one of the best names. It is also packed with dresses inspired mainly by the 1940 and 1950. I’ll take one of each, thank you.

I got mine at a thrift store (high fiving a million angels!) But you can find the same dress at Stop Staring , $ 170

  • Discover the sweet 50s styles Bye Bye Birdie 8 of 13

This musical has Ann-Margret a star and highlighted the best fashion of the 50s.

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  • Find 50s Style at eShakti 9 of 13

Eshakti is my go-to dress site. Everything is customizable-you can add sleeves, change a hem or neck, etc. So you can create your own vintage inspired custom dress!

Black dress cocktail eShakti, $ 59.95

Shirtdress Rose, eShakti, $ 69,95

  • Steal 60s style from all the women of Mad Men 10 of 13

There is something for everyone when it comes to styles of women Mad Men. Joan is slinky and seductive, glamorous and classic Betty, and Peggy is conservative and cute. Each episode is chock full of eye-candy vintage!

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  • Get Mad Men Style in 11 of 13 Etsy

When it comes to vintage dresses, Etsy is a great place to find the real deal, as well as more recent reproductions.

Blue Dress, Etsy, $ 42

Yellow dress, Etsy, $ 66.09

Decades Cross with Chuck Pushing Daisies 12 13

After two short seasons, I am desperately in love with Ned pastry (a sweet heart-melting Lee Pace), but it’s (played byAnna Friel) wardrobe Chuck continues to inspire me long after this fantastic show was canceled (I even recreated one of her dresses for Halloween a few years ago!). There are entire sites dedicated to fans of her outfits from the show. If you want to see someone working vintage pieces in a modern wardrobe with total aplomb, Pushing Daisies is a must-watch.

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  • Find Vintage Inspired Fashion at Shabby Apple, and Unique Vintage Bettie Page 13 of 13

If none of the above have what you need, give these a try also stores!

cream dress, Shabby Apple, $ 88

Robe bleue, Bettie Page, $ 160

And do not forget to check, Unique Vintage !

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