How to Wear Overcoat

Article trenchcoat-mentality bordered clearly on topic topcoats for spring. Lighter designs and fabrics has increased significantly, as the garment’s uses too many leads to go with the outer coat has become a substitute for the jacket. In parallel with this, even the combination overcoat and suit pants become increasingly common.

Although the jacket the last few seasons have become more casual, many hesitate to wear the garment for everyday unless the job requires it. And, worse, it is with suit pants, which led to the male uniforms can easily be described in jeans, pullover and shirt. It is not in any way a bad combination, but I would like to strike a blow for suit pants even for everyday life and especially in combination with a tailored overcoat.

For jeans in all its glory, you cannot get away from that suit pants, a completely different case, which makes it possible to widely vary klädselns silhouette. For example, by narrow trousers and an overcoat or something on the reverse. Perhaps the main advantage of wearing overcoat without jacket is that it allows a narrower silhouette. For even for a narrow-cut jacket takes the shoulders more space than a cardigan.

A neat tips is to match go with the outer coat in the same manner as for a Blazer with light trousers to a darker upper. For spring is dark blue and white a safe combination. It is also possible to vary the shoes with everything from sneakers and deck shoes for available styles to desert boots, loafers and lace-up shoes. A stylish contrast is to wear without socks go with the outer coat.c