How to Wear High Waisted Skirts

The high-waisted skirt, as well as make you more chic, can help you improve and propel your figure. Let us see the large selection of skirts and how to match them.
The skirt is a must head for the women, one of the female leaders by exception and indisputable elegance. It was a scandal in the years when did the mini, but for better or for worse he’s always talked and from the runways to the streets and there is always the skirt will never go out of style.

For this year, with the return to prominence of the vintage and style a bit ‘retro, along with high-waisted trousers we are witnessing the revival of high-waisted skirts .

1. Long skirts high waist vs. short skirts with a high waist

The high-waisted skirt is back into fashion, but what are the models and how to choose? We have to find a proper length and match it correctly.
The cut of the high-waisted skirts, as well as slim the figure and donate immediately class and elegance our outfits, looks good on any kind of physical.

The long skirt with a high waist is more suitable for tall girls, why not dashing figure. The only case in which a short girl is comfortable with a long skirt is when the legs are short and the bust is slightly longer, only in this case a long skirt with a high waist will bring out the figure and slanciarla.
These skirts are instead really suitable for those who are higher because they will stand long legs.
With long skirts not necessarily have to be used in heels: also a flat shoe will fit.

The short skirt with a high waist is more suitable for girls a bit ‘lower, because it will give the impression of a narrower waist and longer legs and slender. The same effect of course will also create for tall girls that, thanks to the short skirt, will seem even more elongated. If the high-waisted skirt is short, you can pick matching tights decorated.

It is very important, as always,  pay attention to the sizes, according to BestAAH:  the high-waisted skirts above require some changes in most and is always good to try them before you buy them because the fit is everything and the waist should fit like a glove!

2. Wheel High-waisted skirts

Normally, the full skirt reached to the knee, the fashion for this fall instead is a life full skirt high it gets to your calf.
Having been recently re-launched, in the shops are full skirts of all colors and all models, from classic bell until the pleated or even that fit at the waist by means of special fasteners.

The combinations are many even in this case, but, as with all high-waisted skirts,  avoid wearing too long or wide mesh that will ruin your look. If a mesh bag it is long in the skirt. Try to only wear blouses, tops or tight and shaped mesh so that your figure is not showing squat: the flared skirts fact going to accentuate your hips.

3. Narrow skirts or sheath

The narrow pencil skirts with a high waist are evergreen. Very sophisticated and classy, they are more suitable for an office look or stylish. Again the models are many: the black pencil skirt will never go out of fashion and is a classic that you have in the closet. For those who want something different there are also variants leather and zippers, in colorful patterns or prints. The classic combination is the one with white chiffon blouse and can be worn both in high heels that the dancers. A color that is very fashionable for the pencil skirt is red , especially for autumn.

4. How to combine a high-waisted skirt

The high-waisted skirt, of any type, it must be combined correctly, or your body will not be exploited in the right way.

That your skirt is long, short, flared wheel or the combination with the blouse is never wrong and will always give a touch of elegance and sophistication. If the shirt is wide and fluttering should be inserted inside the skirt.

Another elegant combination is the one with the light blouse, piece of clothing that you can find all kinds and of all colors. Even the blouse, like sweaters or shirts broad, should preferably be tucked into the skirt.

The jerseys in long or short sleeves should be tight-fitting and must not fall above the waist by covering it, but they must be tucked into the skirt.

If your skirt with a high waist is short a more casual combination is the one with the tank top. Very popular and convenient for the summer, you can pick the colors and play with the fantasies.

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