How To Wear Bra In Satin Blouse

The satin blouses are a timeless fashion trend. They look good with shorts, skirts or pants and give a feminine and delicate look. However, the satin blouses usually have thin loops and let the bra appear.

The softness of the fabric makes it notice the reliefs of any underwear, so the choice of bra should be well considered. If you do not know what bra to wear for fear of ruining the whole look, keep reading this article from How to explain how to wear bra with satin blouse .

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Strap Showing Up

If you like to see the bra strap showing up under the satin blouse, you can consider several options. It all depends on your personal taste.

Withstraight bra: To wear under the satin blouse, the model of the bra should be smooth and without any kind of relief. Avoid prints and bras with crafted or applique fabrics so as not to ruin the smooth, flat effect of the blouse.

Withlace bra: If you have a bold style and you like lace underwear, you can choose to wear this model with the satin blouse. Lace-up laces look cool under any blouse and give some contrast to the simplicity of satin.

Withstrappy bra: The strappy bra is the ideal bra to keep popping up. It is the first choice of fashionistas and can create interesting shapes on the back, neckline and even the loops, depending on the model.

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Track Bra

The strapless bra is suitable for people with small or medium breasts and looks great with satin sweaters dug.

It even disguises the stubborn fat accumulated under the arms and ensures coverage and support of the breasts, without spoiling the look and comfort.

Being flat, this model does not spoil the very flat satin texture.

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I Hope It Falls

For those who do not like to see the handle appearing, the takedown that falls is the perfect solution. Every woman should have one of these at home for blouses with or without straps!

Wear a bra that will fall flat under your satin blouse to make it look like you are not even wearing a bra.


The stickers are a practical and invisible solution under almost any blouse. The material adheres directly to your skin, keeping the breasts in place. By not marking the fabric, it works great with satin sweaters.

There are several types of adhesives, such as those covering only the nipple and those covering the entire breast, without ever attaching it to the sides.

Tip: To glue properly and do not go out during the day, wipe the inside of the adhesive with a wet cloth and dry thoroughly before loading. This step will remove the oils from the skin and help you stick together better.

I Love It.

If your sweater is dug in the back, go to this article to knowhow to wear a bra with a low neckline.

If your satin blouse is not cut and has sleeves, wrap in any bra model without embossing or applique.

If your satin blouse is light-colored, prefer light bras so you do not draw attention to your breasts with contrast.

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