How to Wear an Ankle Bracelet

It is said that fashion is an eternal and to see the back of the ankle bracelet, think it’s probably true. These accessories have long suffered from a bad reputation. Seen as tacky jewelry, they finally found their style and now arise as a must – have that you will appreciate to wear for any occasion and especially in all styles.

What is the source of the comeback?

They were spotted on the last show at the feet of all the it girls of the fashion sphere and Louis Vuitton fall-winter 2015-2016. Indeed, the prestigious fashion house models have wooded their feet from the ankle bracelets. To small links, adorned with chic details or proposed with chic details like charms or the seed beads. It should be recalled that this trend has been borrowed from the 701 years, including the hippie movement and if we know that the trend revival is in vogue for a few seasons now, we understand why girls are likely to be seduced by this kind of jewelry. For some, the comeback of the ankle bracelets can be attributed to the ethnic trend and this is not fake. In one as in the other, it is easily sucked into this comeback of the jewel of ankle.

How to wear the ankle bracelet?

There is a wide range of anklet on pandahall and other online jewelry sites. They come in various forms, styles and is sometimes adorn charms and gems for those who like a little more elaborate pieces. Besides, the brands are more and more numerous to propose ankle bracelets that come in all forms and all styles, allow the fashionistas to find the model that they like best. As it is in summer, they easily mixeront with a pair of sandals and shorts or a pair of offset and a little dress. The idea is to recreate a classic chic with a twist and the ankle bracelets arise as a must for this purpose. Why we love? Because this is a gem all that there is more elegant, especially if it is associated with the right parts. Finally, as we see the singer to success FKA Twigs chose to opt for the ankle bracelets, we no longer hesitate.

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