How to Wear a Corset

How to Wear a Corset with a Skirt

In medieval corset ladies take advantage, making it an integral part of the then fashion. We still wonder thin beauties of time and incredible femininity and sensuality of images. Today, the corset is not very popular, but there are cases in which this product does not replace corset, ties and other tricks. This exception applies a combination of ultra-modern corset with skirt.

Skirt in Corset – Classification

Modern designers presented their own vision of the use of corsets. Here you can see uninhibited patterns associated with the fetish industry, and almost corset with a long skirt. Among the options demonstrated the need to find a dress that will appeal to you. So what? Try to understand:

  • Corset and tutu skirt. This playful image is suitable for when you need to seduce a man and show their sexuality. Usually used for such garments skirts and low-cut corsets featured on Behind the lace gives a hint of spice.
  • Corset and skirt on the floor. This dress can easily replace a long evening dress, but at the same time, it is more practical because it can be worn separately. This option looks best with monophonic and bright elegant corset skirt.
  • Pencil skirt with corset. This option is suitable for office style, but here you need to follow the classic muted colors and shapes. Do not wear a corset separately! Combine it with shirts, blouses worn over a suit jacket.

Remember that combining corset with skirt can become the object of attention, so your hair and makeup to be in excellent condition.

How to Wear a Corset under a Dress

Corset dress look feminine and spectacularly. It is well adjusted figure, which makes the silhouette slimmer and slender.

Flat stomach, elegance, seductive curves, increased breast – it’s all so easy to achieve by choosing the right type of corset dress!

Short Dress Corsets

This garment is suitable for discharge. The skirt should be beautiful – just look like a doll with a gorgeous bust and waist wasp. Even for purposes girls dress is appropriate because the corset to hide the extra inches as a figure of femininity.

Business opportunity: Dress sheath silhouette or “pencil”. They usually have a modest cut, nothing more is open to it. If this dress shoulders are open, and the dress code does not allow it, he can throw a bolero.

Cocktail – no less popular variantkasa dress with corset. There will also be narrowed bottom appropriate. To the best of elegant and modest at the same time, he served a cocktail or dinner.

Long Dress Corsets

This suit will make you look like a princess, and most importantly – to feel it. With royal ceremonial, magical, luxurious, it will make all eyes seek only to you! Choose a dress made of light materials and streaming: chiffon, silk, satin, velvet. The inserts of lace or lace welcome.

Often long corset dress chosen. But in this age of the bride can even buy a short dress or a combination (short in front and long in back). Overall, the combination of opulence at the top and bottom of the corset – win-win situation, which is always in fashion!

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