How to Use Pumps

One of the most classic shoes models and most beloved of the world of fashion is the pumps or escapism-as he is known in Brazil. And best of all is that it’s very easy to know How to use pumps because it goes well with a large number of formal and informal productions and makes absolute success in the most varied situations.

But to not be any doubt about the shoe model, here are some tips to follow to productions that are perfect with the use of this accessory trend 2013 and some more facts about him that every woman loves to hear.

History of pumps

By definition, the pumps is a shoe that can have thin beak, square or rounded and hide your toes, besides being closed in the back.

The name comes from Italian and means slipper, the diminutive of shoe, scarpa. Was introduced in fashion through none other than Christian Dior to match the garments that women wore in the so-called New Look, so versatile, without lose the femininity.

Over time, the shoe pumps was adapting to the different needs, being refurbished, never leaving the list of desires of women and elected one of fashion shoes ever.

How to use pumps

As we speak, the shoe pumps is a real Joker in your wardrobe, especially if it is a model of neutral color like beige, Brown or black. It can worn with jeans, short skirts or shorts medium, all depending on your style and occasion.

The shoe has an enormous power to transform even a basic jeans with blouse in an overproduction, being great for assembling looks for happy hour, for example, going perfectly well from morning to night, from the work at glamorous parties.

And has another great advantage: can be used with or without pantyhose, having success in both looks.

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