How To Use A Blouse With Neckline In The Back

Spring and summer allows us to use more outdoor clothing

Spring and summer allows us to use more outdoor clothing than in other seasons of the year, teach arms, abdomen, shoulders, legs and even the back! For this last there are several options of wearing clothes without back to look and feel fresh.

Without Bra

Perhaps the tip more common to use a blouse with bare back is not carrying anything below, first because sometimes you can see something vulgar bear a striking bra exposed, and secondly because it is supposed to be to show off your back. If you can not walk without bra you can search for protective stickers for your breasts or a bra of rubber that adheres to them, you will feel more secure not to expose your forehead.

Hidden Bra

There are special Bras to wear clothing without back or neckline at the back, with generally thin and they buckle to the front, tend to arrive at the waist and be very thin at the back. It will provide you the support you need and at the same time will allow you to remove your side more sexy.

Exposed Bra

We have nothing against wear bra exposed, and when it is the same color of the blouse you’re wearing, is in good condition (nothing of elastic traps please!) and that is your size, to avoid that the tight generates bumps on your back.

Semi-Transparent Panel

The easiest way to wear the backless without exposing it completely is to use a blouse with semi-transparent fabric, they allow you to play a little more with the color of your underwear and even not wearing any, can also use a top of straps below if you prefer to leave more to the imagination.