How to Style Knit Sweaters

How do we carry the new knit coats?

Long, comfortable and cosy: This feel-coats need elegant combination partner or clear cuts. Then, we look great in it around the clock.

Styling tips : You should know that

Interface: Petite women have the choice, curvy figures choose fine wool fabrics with straight cut and open front, stretches and wears less.

Length: Who styles to dress or skirt, which should make the right hem length: who should always end above the mantle, otherwise the silhouette looks sackig. High heel shoes – the best pumps are suitable-are a must.

Material mix: A rough knitted coat needs delicate opponents such as such as parts made of rayon or silk–so the look doesn’t look sofa outfit.

Colors: Ever knalliger the sound of the mantle, be more conspicuous appearance. Curvy women should therefore rather reach for dark colors. If you choose a colorful model, should keep finishing the remaining look: pattern or details then quickly look after homewear.

Delicate tones to the dress

The mottled sweater coat shows with bright orange at its best. Color and style remix of elegantly and casually give the spicy this duo. Ideal for: Pumps.

Sweater coat, approx. €50, Gr. XS-XL, synthetic fibre, object. Dress, about €80, Gr. 34-48, synthetic fibre, Heine. Shoes, approx. €90, Gr. 33-41, cowhide, Marc o’ Polo

Chunky knit to the jeans

The eye-catcher in the casual everyday look, collar, knitting patterns and color make this coat with jeans and a T-Shirt. The wedge ankle boots visually lengthen the leg.

Sweater coat, about €130, Gr. XS-XL, wool mix, Conleys. T-Shirt, approx. €28, Gr. XS-XL, synthetic fibre, Zara. Jeand about €70, size 27-34, BW, Broadway. Wedges, about €50, Gr. 36-42, leatherette, Schwab

Fine mesh to the rock

Smooth wool and an open collar give the knitted coat a noble face. We maintain that at the look with a pencil skirt and blouse. Overkneestiefel bring PEP.

Blouse, about €20, Gr. XS-XXL, synthetic fibre, Takko. Sweater coat, about €140, Gr. 34-48, wool, Elégance. Rock, approx. €13, Gr. XS-XXL, synthetic fibre, Takko. Boots, about €200, Gr. 36-41, leather, H & M

Cuddly appearance to the trousers

It is also casual: the cuddly part doesn’t look after work, we make a soft trousers and a striped shirt him to the side. Slippers provide for freshness.

Pants, about €60, Gr. 34-46, synthetic fibre, comma. Sweater coat, about €70, Gr. XS-XL, synthetic fibre, object. Shirt, approx. €10, size XS-XL, organic cotton, Zara. Slippers, approx. €25, Gr. 36-41, synthetic fibre, H & M

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