How to Store Shoes Correctly

Shoe Storage-Store The Summer Shoes Correctly

Meanwhile, it is November and it is too cold for ballerinas, open high heels and Co. At the latest, we must separate ourselves from our summer shoes-at least until next spring. But what does the proper shoe storage look like? How to clean, maintain and store shoes properly? Here you will learn in three steps how your shoes are going well in the winter!

Shoe Storage-The Right Approach

Step 1: Clean Shoes Properly

When cleaning shoes you have to consider the material of the shoes. In the leather cleaning of your shoes, you should distinguish between smooth leather and suede. Smooth leather can often be cleaned with a moist microfiber cloth or under running water. Wild leather, nubuck leather or suede are more sensitive than smooth leather and must therefore be cleaned more gently. Dirt is best applied with these leather types with a special leather brush or carefully trimmed. For stubborn stains, leather soaps can also be carefully worked in and washed out again. Afterwards, the shoes must dry well, but please do not on or on the heater, as the heating air makes the leather porous. Finally, the ruffle with the brush re-emerges. Lacquer shoes or textile shoes can be cleaned very well with water. In the case of textile shoes, it is also possible to combat difficultly removable stains with a soapy solution. Please never leave shoes in the washing machine as this will damage both the shoes and the washing machine.

Step 2: Maintain Leather And Other Materials

Leather care is important, so that the material does not become cracked. Proper creams and impregnations help. With the right impregnation, many spots can be prevented, so the shoes remain beautiful longer. Caution, sprays for smooth leather are not suitable for rummies or artificial leather! Leather grease for smooth leather shoes and shoe creams for ruffle and artificial leather ensure that the material remains supple and does not tear. Lacquered lacquers are given their luster by varnish foam.

Step 3: Store And Store Shoes

It is not difficult to store summer boots properly during the winter. The cleaned, dried and well-groomed shoes are packed in shoe boxes, silk paper or fabric bags, ie in material that is air-permeable. Plastic bags, on the other hand, do not allow the shoes to breathe so that mold can form. Shoe tensioners made of wood support the breathing process of the shoes and absorb moisture. A further advantage of shoe tensioners: they help to keep the shape of the shoes and the same folds.

This weekend I am now preparing the last shoes for wintering. I mothed my shoes so for years and am with the result always very satisfied. Therefore, I hope that you liked the tips and help your shoes to a longer life.

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