How to Store My Sleeping Bag

A quality sleeping bag is not less important for the camping of firewood and food but to face it honestly – is not cheap. Quality heard from down or primaloft their required three-digit amount, so make sure to take care of your investment. Maintenance of the sleeping bag is easy and definitely worth the 20 minutes, but you must perform properly to ensure its longer life. Use a sheet sleeping bag, sleep with clean clothes and always leave the bag to breathe for 24 hours after being in the case. These tips will also be of benefit to sack you feel better and respond appropriately to your love: clean it by hand may sound the most sense to throw it in the washing machine, but each wash damage less filling.

If the bag starts to smell like socks or change color beseech you, “bathe” it by dipping it in the tub, or take it to dry, carefully explain what material is made and check whether it is a waterproof sleeping bag like Pimasleepingbags. Otherwise, if you want to clean any dirt by hand, use less detergent, water and a soft brush (possibly from the natural hair). Old toothbrush will do. Let it dry is safest to leave the bag to dry naturally. And if you are pundits of drying and you have to spend for such a device, use the cycle of low temperature or no heat in the dryer and put a tennis ball, which will prevent the filling to bring lumps.

Wrap It in the Right Way
Never, never, never leave the bag in his bag. Repeat her a few times. Are you ready? Come on! Are you holding the bag inside the case will damage the fluffy filling, which rely on to keep you warm in the mountains, and he’ll just degrees and spihne. After cleaning bag by hand and leave it to dry, attach it to a soft hanger in the closet, stretch it under your bed or in an unused room, which is the same temperature and humidity as the rest of your home or store it free in a large cotton bag for clothes. In a pinch you can use a pillowcase from the largest size. Check heard from time to time and use it every weekend. This last is not necessarily, but definitely recommend it.

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