How to Select the Best Household Iron

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Iron heard today in every household: whether shirt, T-Shirt, trousers or linen – clothing and other textiles just well-kept look like if they were smoothed with the iron. Undisputed number one under the iron is the steam iron, which is equipped with an additional water tank: leaking steam ensures that textiles can be far easier to smooth out and still this wonderfully fragrant.

The exciting alternative to a conventional steam iron also 2016 is the steam iron station. While the water in a separate water tank is heated up and pump pressure in the iron. The iron remains free of condensation and calcifications.

Which iron is right for me?

You’re unsure whether there should be a regular steam iron, a steam iron station or a different model? Choose from many models of renowned manufacturers such as Tefal, Philips, Bosch makes the choice difficult. Pay attention to the following points for a problem-free ironing at home:

  • A high Watts of power for fast heating saves time and energy
  • A slip ceramic soleplate makes ironing easier
  • A built-in descaler prevents the calcification of the lines in the iron.
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